Worktable Wednesday

My sister is here for a visit to act as designated driver for tomorrow’s impending Wisdom Teeth Adios. I have already started pondering how to include my newly-liberated teeth in an artist’s book.

Preferably one with bite. [groan]

I was looking forward to this evening – my sister brought along a photo album I made for her and we were going to work on mounting some photos. It’s really rare for me to have the opportunity to work in one of my own books.

So I’m on the computer, trying to wrap up an Email so I can hang out and I hear my sister upstairs, swearing. Repeatedly.

Me: Are you okay?

Sis: I just tore a page.

Thus began tonight’s unplanned adventure, one which we have affectionately named The Do-Over.

Cutting new photo album pages

9:13 p.m. Cutting the replacement pages

Torn photo album page

She tore that page good!

Photo album ready for rebinding

9:23 p.m. The album before rebinding

Photo album rebound

9:33 p.m. All better!

By the way, my sister is insisting that she doesn’t swear.

I’m not going to tell you the words she used while insisting.

3 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Ellen - 24 February 2011 Reply

I hope the drugs are very good!

What is it with people like us? A wisdom tooth extraction can only mean one thing… “art supply!” Just can’t throw anything away.

Good luck!!

By velma - 24 February 2011 Reply

sounds like my students who titter away when i read a “swear” word in a novel. they insist i never say those words in “real” life. ha!!! good luck with the teeth. take it easy.

By Elissa - 1 March 2011 Reply

Update: I was able to get my hands on all four of my wisdom teeth, intact. They are now sitting in a plastic cup on my kitchen countertop. Yes, that’s gross.

Although the pain has been minimal, I feel like I’ve been in a nonstop fog since last Thursday. And I stopped taking the heavy painkillers a couple of days ago – so weird.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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