Worktable Wednesday

Today was the second day of a three-day, bookbinding class gig at the Springfield High School Arts Academy. I’ll be writing a post about my experience later in the week. I guarantee that there will be at least one reference to the fact that I end each day in complete exhaustion.

While my mind is still buzzing from the coffee I had to drink to make it home this afternoon, my body has since crashed. I managed to get into the studio for a very brief card-making session before making friends with my couch.

Studio worktable

Hmmm...where are my scissors?

I have desperately been trying to get some Valentine’s Day cards done so that I can drop them off at Artisans Hand. I had hoped to get them done last week. Grrr…

I hereby vow that I will, oh yes, I will get cards over to the gallery before this Friday’s Art Walk. Now that I put it in writing, I have to do it – right?

5 Responses to “Worktable Wednesday”

By Ellen - 9 February 2011 Reply

Not just in writing, but to an international online audience. We eagerly await Friday’s progress report. 🙂

By velma - 10 February 2011 Reply

oh yes, and some of us are checking up on you. (snidely whiplash cackle)

By Paula B K - 15 February 2011 Reply

I also used to end my teaching days in total total exhuastion. I found that drinking water continually during the day makes all the difference in how I feel at the end of the day. The difference is truly stunning.

By Elissa - 18 February 2011 Reply

Paula –

Yes yes yes – water is so important!

I’ve found that I drink a lot more when I’m teaching than when I’m just working in my studio. I make a point of bringing a big bottle of water with me whenever I teach.


By Elissa - 18 February 2011 Reply

Ellen & Velma –

Cards were accomplished. I dropped off a batch of 24 cards on Friday. 🙂


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