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Welcome to the grand prize drawing of the Book Arts Improv!

Just in case you’ve forgotten what the prize is, it’s a set of books that includes one each of the four books created during the Improv:

Book Arts Improv 2011 - 4 handmade books by Elissa Campbell

The Whole Shebang

I’m just going to get right to it. The nonexistent envelope, please:

Congrats Eli! Again!

Eli won week #2, so he already has one of the books in the collection. As I mentioned in this post, if the grand prize winner has already won one of the books earlier in the month, then I’ll send the remaining three books in the set. Another drawing will then be held for the remaining book.

What that means is that I get to have another drawing for a copy of Honorable Melvin.

And the Melvin goes to:

Congrats Stephanie B! Again!

Stephanie won week #4, so now she has two books. It looks like Eli and Stephanie might want to play the lottery this week.

Four weeks ago, I set out to do the following (from this post):

Starting next week, I will enter into a four-week stretch of improvisational bookmaking. Depending on the content and complexity of the book, an edition of three or more will be created each week.

The Improv was an experiment that I feel was a great personal success. I surprised myself with both my creativity and stamina. I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Improv – it wouldn’t have been possible without your suggestions.

And thanks so much for the laughs – seriously, your submissions were hilarious (especially last week’s).

If you’d like to see the books up close and personal, I’ll be entering them in the Book Arts Guild of Vermont‘s upcoming show, Big Ideas, Small Books, an exhibit of artist books at the Emile A. Gruppe Gallery. Submission restricts entries to three per person, but I’m going to try to get them to take all four. I’ll provide more details as the event draws closer.

10 Responses to “Book Arts Improv: Grand prize winner”

By Cathy R - 31 January 2011 Reply

What a great creative exercise this improv month has been! I’ve really enjoyed seeing what you’ve come up with 🙂

By Elissa - 9 February 2011 Reply

Cathy –

Thanks for the feedback – glad to know that folks found it interesting.


By Felicitas Sloves - 31 January 2011 Reply

Congratulations on finishing this month long project! I’ve had fun taking part and seeing your completed work. Thanks for sharing.

By Elissa - 9 February 2011 Reply

Felicitas –

Thanks for joining in with me!

When I first came up with the idea, I worried about how sad it would be if no one cared enough to submit entries. I’m glad that folks were motivated!


By velma - 31 January 2011 Reply

i think, i think, you have a strong naughty girl streak, elissa!!! well done, and a great way to keep from the doldrums of january.

By Elissa - 9 February 2011 Reply

Velma –

As exhausting as the Improv was, I miss it. My weeks are going by much slower now.


By Jill A. - 31 January 2011 Reply

This has been so much fun! I loved the challenge, and having several things to look forward to each week (what will the categories be…which suggestions will be selected…what the hell is she going to do with those!?!…oooh, what a cool idea!) By jove, my girl, you did it again, and again, and again, and again… and got my creative juices flowing in the process, too. I can’t believe how quickly the four weeks went by — especially since you did all the work! Thanks, sweetie!

By Elissa - 9 February 2011 Reply

Jill –

You’re such a peanut!

I still have to finish the other two books in the edition from week 1, so sadly you must wait a wee bit longer for your copy. I swear, I’m going as fast as I can!


By Mags Bonham - 2 February 2011 Reply

WAHHHH! I wanted to win very badly. I will not be playing the lottery this week.

By Elissa - 9 February 2011 Reply

Mags –

If I were a scumbag, I swear I’d fix the contest just for you. 🙂 You can come by and visit my copies anytime you like.


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