Book Arts Improv: Book Themes #3

Many thanks to everyone who entered this week’s Book Arts Improv!

I still haven’t recovered from last week and now I get to start all over again! 🙂

Here’s this week’s winning entry…

Book Arts Improv winner - Week 3

number 17!

Congrats Bethany!

This week’s themes are as follows:

  • A fictional place you’d love to visit: Herland
  • A language: Newspeak
  • A song you really hate: The Thong Song

I know nothing about Herland, so I’ll likely be spending a chunk of time doing research. Bethany – thanks for the link!

The next (and last) call for suggestions will be posted on Sunday, January 23rd and they will be completely different from those posted this week.

Come back to see this week’s completed book on Saturday!

One Response to “Book Arts Improv: Book Themes #3”

By Bethany - 19 January 2011 Reply

I’m so excited! Let me know how to claim my fabulous new journal! Thank you for your fun contest.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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