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For those of you who missed it, I have created a bit of January fun for myself – Book Arts Improv.

In a nutshell, it’s a four-week stretch of improvisational bookmaking. Depending on the content and complexity of the book, an edition of three or more will be created each week. For the full details, read my last blog post.

Without further ado, I humbly present my first call for suggestions*:

  1. Bad habit
  2. Popular tourist spot
  3. Article of clothing

To participate in the Improv, just comment on this post with a response for each of the three categories listed above. I’d like to keep this suitable for all audiences, so please, nothing offensive.

I will accept suggestions until 5:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, January 4, 2011. On that day, one entry will be selected at random and not only will that person’s suggestions be used for that week’s book, but the winner will also receive a copy of the book.

I’m looking forward to what you come up with – the Improv is open!

* Many thanks go to my sister for helping me come up with this week’s suggestions. If you don’t like them – too bad, she’s my sister, so get over it. 😉

25 Responses to “Book Arts Improv: Call #1”

By dinahmow - 2 January 2011 Reply

Bad habit…too much computer time

Popular tourist spot…Eiffel Tower

Article of clothing…mittens

By Elissa - 2 January 2011 Reply

Diane –

Too much computer time = no such thing 🙂


By Stephanie B - 2 January 2011 Reply

1. Bad habit: gossiping
2. Popular tourist spot: the Liberty Bell
3. Article of clothing: overalls

By Elissa - 2 January 2011 Reply

Hi Steph!

Ask anyone, I loooovvveee my overalls. I would wear them every day if socially acceptable.


By QuinnCreative - 2 January 2011 Reply

Bad habit: chewing tobacco
Popular Tourist spot: Niagara falls
Article of clothing: scarf

By Chris Campbell - 2 January 2011 Reply

Bad habit: fidgeting
tourist spot: empire state building
article of clothing: toe socks

By Monica - 2 January 2011 Reply

What a fun project!

1. Bad habit: Staring
2. Popular tourist spot: Disney World!
3. Article of clothing: Sweater Vest

By Felicitas Sloves - 2 January 2011 Reply

Bad habit: complaining about everything

Tourist spot: Graceland

Article of clothing: shoes

By Theano Nikitas - 2 January 2011 Reply

bad habit: nailbiting
popular tourist spot: Times Square
article of clothing: fedora

By Lisa Asanuma - 2 January 2011 Reply

Bad habit: Chewing with your mouth open (ew…)
Tourist spot: Arc de Triomph
Article of clothing: Legwarmers 🙂

By Ellen - 2 January 2011 Reply

Bad habit: procrastination
tourist spot: Devil’s Tower, WY
article of clothing: missing socks

By Heather Fudala - 2 January 2011 Reply

Bad habit: cracking gum
Tourist spot: Sydney Opera House
Article of Clothing: Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini

By Carol - 2 January 2011 Reply

Bad habit: knuckle cracking
Tourist spot: Walden Pond
Article of clothing: Stetson

By Helen Hiebert - 3 January 2011 Reply

Bad habit: snorking (inhaling quickly while closing your windpipe, resulting in a “snork” sound

Tourist spot: Timberline Lodge, Mt Hood, Oregon

Article of clothing: sweat pants

By Maudie - 3 January 2011 Reply

Bad Habit: Not watering the plants
Tourist spot: Richmond Park, England
Article of Clothing: Tiger Print Wellington Boots!

By Mame McKee - 3 January 2011 Reply

Really love this concept, Elissa

Bad habit: being judgmental.
Tourist spot: Vermont.
Article of clothing: Carharts.

By eli - 3 January 2011 Reply

Bad habit:be lazy
Tourist spot: Santa Barbara, Ca Beaches
Article of clothing: red high heels shoes

By Laura - 3 January 2011 Reply

Bad habit: yawning at inopportune moments
Popular tourist spot: London Bridge
Article of clothing: suspenders

By Valerie - 3 January 2011 Reply

Bad Habit: Chewing on a pencil

Popular Tourist Spot: Ben and Jerry’s Factory!

Article of Clothing: Dansko Clogs!

By velma - 3 January 2011 Reply

bad habit-finishing someone else’s sentences
tourist spot-whiteface mountain
clothing-wool socks

By Louis J. Cassorla - 3 January 2011 Reply

1. Bad habit: TYPING IN ALL CAPS
2. Popular tourist spot: The Grand Canyon
3. Article of clothing: earmuffs

By Caroline - 3 January 2011 Reply

I shouldn’t admit this, but the contents of my sock drawer have been in a trash bag for the last three weeks. Therefore,

1. Not organizing your socks
2. Washington, DC
3. Lots and lots of black socks

By Jill A. - 4 January 2011 Reply

1. Bad Habit: Paper addiction
2. Popular Tourist Spot: The Taj Mahal
3. Article of Clothing: Girdle (Ouch!)

By Jeff Z - 4 January 2011 Reply

Bad Habit: Sneaking sweets
Popular Tourist spot: Lake George
Article of clothing: Cycling jersey

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