Holiday CraftMorristown wrap up

It amazes me that my entire booth setup is contained in these piles

Last weekend I attended my last craft show of the season – Artrider‘s Holiday CraftMorristown. This was the second time I did this show and it proved to be better for two reasons:

  1. No super-evil snowstorm (see last year’s blog post to learn more).
  2. No broken tailbone.

I never mentioned the broken tailbone last year, mostly because I don’t like talking about medical drama. I also didn’t know at the time that I had broken my tailbone. On my way to the Artrider show on Sunday, I slipped on icy steps and came crashing down on my backside.

I was in serious serious pain that day, but I still attended the show and talked to customers all day. Then I broke down my booth and drove to Philadelphia the next day.

Then drove back to Vermont that same day. With a broken tailbone. Not a fun ride home for my husband.

So yes, this year’s show was much better. )

The show was really beautiful and I wish that there had been more time to browse and shop – having your own booth makes it hard to get out. I’m usually not big on jewelry, but there was some fabulous jewelry at this show.

Artrider CraftMorristown 2010

I played around a little bit with the arrangement of my work in the booth. It wasn’t anything too dramatic, just moving everything one shelf clockwise. Here are some shots of the results:

Blue Roof Designs craft show booth at Artrider CraftMorristown

Handmade books by Blue Roof Designs at Artrider CraftMorristown

Even though I’m not a big fan of the grey drapes that mark off each exhibitor’s space, there was something strangely romantic about my “Craft Show Carcass” – it had a four poster bed feel to it:

Broken down craft show booth for Blue Roof Designs

If you weren’t able to make it to one of the craft shows and are interested in my work, you can purchase my books on Etsy. I’m in the process of adding new pieces to my shop, so if there’s something you’re interested in and don’t see it on there, please let me know.

3 Responses to “Holiday CraftMorristown wrap up”

By Melody - 7 June 2016 Reply

Looks fantastic! You did a beautiful job setting up! Can I ask how you did your shelving units? We are getting ready for the Atlanta gift show and I’m looking for portable fixtures. Yours look really high end.

By Elissa - 8 June 2016 Reply

Melody –

The shelf units are an Ikea hack – it’s a modification on their Enetri shelving. I bought the metal side brackets and didn’t get the accompanying shelves because they were too thick and heavy. Instead, I bought basic wood shelves and painted them.

Unfortunately, they don’t sell this unit any more – it’s no longer on their website. Sorry. 🙁


By Melody - 8 June 2016 Reply

Thanks so much! You did a really great job and I appreciate the ideas!


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