The Great Katazome Giveaway

The Paper Place - The Great Katazome Giveaway – 12 Days of December

The Paper Place is currently running a rocking contest – The Great Katazome Giveaway – 12 Days in December. The contest runs from 12/1/10 – 12/12/10, with the winner being chosen at random.

You have to get in on this. If I you win, I you will receive one 8.5×11 sample sheet of each of the 169 patterns of Katazome they offer in their online shop.

You can learn about how Katazome is made on their website. FYI – it’s cool!

There are several ways to enter the contest:

  • Leave a comment on their blog post announcing the contest = 1 entry
  • Add a link in your blog comment to a photo of your paper art = 5 entries and
  • …if your paper art photo includes Katazome paper = 5 entries
  • Mention the contest on your blog (hey, that’s what I’m doing!) = 5 entries
  • Tweet about the contest = 1 entry per tweet
  • Create a video, upload it to YouTube, and add a link to your blog comment = 50 entries

Katazome closeup - The Paper Place - The Great Katazome Giveaway – 12 Days of December

Hello. You will be mine.

Best of luck to all who enter!

2 Responses to “The Great Katazome Giveaway”

By anne - 8 December 2010 Reply

Wow, thanks for posting this! I rushed right to my own blog to post about it myself. I hope one of us wins! Good luck!

By Elissa - 8 December 2010 Reply

Anne –

I wish you luck as well – but it’s hard because I really want to win. I feel like such a bad person!


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