Craft Vermont 2010 wrap up

About 1.5 weeks ago I exhibited my work at my first big craft show of the season – Craft Vermont. Once again, I was in my usual spot – I’m very comforted by the familiar.

Blue Roof Designs - setting up the craft show booth

The calm (?) before the storm

I met lots of great people at the show. I’m looking forward to work on some fun custom projects!

Blue Roof Designs - craft show booth

All set up!

Blue Roof Designs - craft show booth

Another view of my booth

I also had visits from family and many friends during the show – members of the Book Arts Guild of Vermont, a very special college friend (you know who you are), and former co-workers. It was so nice to see all of you!

I’ve done many posts about craft shows, but I’ve never given you a behind-the-scenes shot like the one below – this is what you can find under my checkout table (exciting, huh?):

Under the table - craft show booth - Blue Roof Designs

And here’s what the Emerald Room at the Sheraton looks like after everyone has broken down their booths:

Craft Vermont - craft show break-down

Ghost Town

And as I do with every craft show post, I leave you with my favorite shot, the “Craft Show Carcass”:

Craft Vermont - craft show carcass

Until next time...


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