No longer a Gocco newbie!

Almost 2.5 years ago, I bought a Gocco machine. For those of you who don’t know what a Gocco is, you can read more about it on the Save Gocco website.

I can now declare that I have successfully completed my first print run!

Yes, you read that right. It took me 2.5 years to use my Gocco.

I feel it necessary to admit that I have this really non-useful tendency to force myself into learning new techniques/tools when I’m working on a big project. I send out a holiday mailing every year and I decided to use the Gocco to print my cards.

I think that the project, while really stressful, actually helped me to get over my anxiety. Hmmm…I guess my non-useful tendency had its blue moon.

So how was the experience? Well, it took me 1.5 days to finish 270 cards, I still have ink under my fingernails, and a whole roll of paper towels nobly sacrificed itself for the creative process.

I took pictures to document the ordeal project:

Original for burning Gocco screen

The master image

Burned Gocco master screen

The burned screen

Inked Gocco master screen

The inked screen

Gocco printing

My first print!

Gocco printed holiday cards/craft show invites

My poor flat file was definitely abused

Gocco printed holiday cards/craft show invites

The finished cards

Considering that I hadn’t used the Gocco before, I think my cards look pretty good. I love the pearlescent aqua ink – for some reason it makes me feel girly to admit that.

I probably could (should) have spent more time doing research before I dove in, so I learned many lessons the hard way:

  • Ink block doesn’t stay stuck after a large number of prints. Actually, what I really learned was that I have a tendency to over-ink and the ink blobs out, pushing into and unsticking the ink block.
  • My text was too small and placed too close together for multi-color printing.
  • Hey! Go wash your hands!
  • Hey! Clean off your work surface!
  • People named Elissa should not use a Gocco after 8:00 p.m. (that’s also a good rule of thumb for gluing)

It felt so good to get those cards into the mail! If you’re not on my mailing list and want to be, shoot me an Email. And while you’re at it, you can also sign up for my Email list. I hope to get out my very first newsletter in the next week.

FYI – the newsletter will not be Gocco printed.

2 Responses to “No longer a Gocco newbie!”

By Nicholas gomez - 10 November 2010 Reply

What a great post. I will have to look into Gocco machine printing more. The Gocco machine looks like a fun process. Thank you for sharing your experience.

By Elissa - 15 November 2010 Reply

Nicholas –

I’m pretty sure that I would have enjoyed it more had it not been used to meet a deadline. The next project is to print my logo on shopping bags for use at craft shows. Oh wait, that’s another deadline, isn’t it?


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