Orchard Valley Waldorf School – Week 2

This past week I had two more classes at the Orchard Valley School in East Montpelier, Vermont. I’m now halfway through my time there with four more classes to go. While last week was a glue-o-rama, this week was more of a fold-o-rama.

Bookbinding class at Orchard Valley Waldorf School - Vermont

My students worked so hard this week – they really impress me. Almost all of them have completely finished the basic structures of five accordion-based book forms.

Bookbinding class at Orchard Valley Waldorf School - Vermont

The next classes will focus on creative work. They’ve got five books to fill and there’s lots of content to be created. They seem pretty eager to get to the more playful stuff.

I encouraged them to bring in materials they’d like to include in their books – paper, fabric, fibers, rubber stamps, magazines, photos – anything that inspires them. I told them that I’d also bring in plenty of goodies for them to play with.

Here’s a look at my classroom before the kids come in. I like to have everything on their desks when they arrive so they’re ready to go:

Classroom at Orchard Valley Waldorf School - Vermont

And here’s how I have stuff set up on my table at the front of the room. The table is made from a door, so it’s pretty ginormous:

Bookbinding class at Orchard Valley Waldorf School - Vermont

They really seem to like the reference books I’ve been bringing in (and I have lots of them). Next week I’ll bring in books that focus more on content and decorative techniques.

4 Responses to “Orchard Valley Waldorf School – Week 2”

By richard norman - 31 October 2010 Reply

You are lucky to have such spirited students. An acquaintance of mine teaches bookbinding in Japan to bored Japanese housewives, he said its like teaching wood.

Neat idea using the door as a table, I must remember that.

By Elissa - 2 November 2010 Reply

Richard –

That table is really heavy and takes up a huge part of the room, but I’m thankful that I have so much space to spread out. I tend to expand to fill the amount of space I’m given.


By velma - 31 October 2010 Reply

their level of engagement is testimony to your teaching, and to the way teaching happens in this school.

By Elissa - 2 November 2010 Reply

Velma –

The interesting thing is that I haven’t been given any Waldorf-specific teaching instruction – I was wondering if that would be part of the experience. I guess the fact that it’s an arts experience is enough.


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