Vermont Arts Council grant – the sequel

I have been remiss in talking about something awesome that happened this past summer – I was awarded my second grant from the Vermont Arts Council! I consider myself very fortunate.

The grant came from a special funding pool available only to students of the VAC’s Breaking into Business workshop program. The program offers artist-specific business and marketing planning. It was such a rewarding experience – if you are Vermont artist, I highly recommend attending the program.

My grant was for the design and printing of a professional identity package, including letterhead, note cards, and shipping labels.

Blue Roof Designs - professional identity package

Pretty, pretty!

I’ve always felt that if you’re in business, you should have letterhead – it makes you more official. Unfortunately, when faced with the cost of such items, I had to make a choice between letterhead and supplies – it’s a not-so-fun game of Rock, Paper, Letterhead.

FYI: Paper always wins.

Well, that’s not true. Since I received the grant, letterhead won. And paper won a little bit because I got to pick the paper for my letterhead – I chose Strathmore Writing 25% cotton in Bright White Wove finish. An eco-friendly choice, the paper is Green-e Certified and is manufactured using wind power. It has a nice subtle texture to it. Yum.

And I lloooovvvee that the ink is such a rich shade of blue.

The design of the shipping labels is flexible enough for me to use them for the covers of promotional packets (or more grant applications). I look forward to using the labels on my packaging for orders – I think they’ll help me present a more professional image.

Just like last time, I took pictures of my application before I submitted it:

Grant application - outside

Grant application - outside

Vermont Arts Council - grant application - inside

Grant application - inside

Once again, I proudly state the following:

This project was supported in part by the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Thank you thank you thank you to the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts for helping to make me feel that much more of a professional artist.

NEA logo

VT Arts Council Logo

4 Responses to “Vermont Arts Council grant – the sequel”

By richard norman - 1 October 2010 Reply

Very well done on getting the grant Elissa.

I am a bookbinder, when I left college I was lucky enough to get an award which paid for me to attend various master classes.

The very best of luck.



By Elissa - 1 October 2010 Reply

Richard –

The grant I received from the VT Arts Council last year allowed me to attend the Focus on Book Arts conference. I took some great classes there with Jill Timm and Peter Thomas.

What kind of master classes did you take? I feel like no matter how many classes I take, there are always more I’m drooling over.


By velma - 1 October 2010 Reply

congratulations! i’ve received two of the many nys grants i’ve applied for, and it feels really really good.

By Elissa - 1 October 2010 Reply

Velma –

Congrats on your grants!

It does feel really good, but I also feel guilty for having received two grants from the VT Arts Council in the past two years. I think I’ll take a few years off before applying again, assuming I can come up with a project.


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