I’ve been quiet…

I won’t lie – life has been rough lately.

I’ve been dealing with a significant personal crisis and my level of motivation (and mood) fluctuates wildly from day to day (and hour to hour). I’m a private person, so I won’t go into the details.

I have a long list of blog posts that need to be fleshed out, so they are coming – I just need to find the impulse to write.

I really appreciate everyone’s support of me, my work, and my blog. I hope to be back in the swing of things soon.

11 Responses to “I’ve been quiet…”

By velma - 1 September 2010 Reply

i wondered about your silence. may you weather it well. i hope you got to meet the traveling thomases. take care–v

By Elissa - 2 September 2010 Reply

Velma –

Thanks for your kind words. The big bummer in all of this is that I was supposed to be at Haystack this week, but I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed that I decided to stay home. I know it was a good choice, but it still hurts.

I did get to visit with the Thomases and it was lots of fun. I’ll be writing about it soon.

🙂 Elissa

By velma - 2 September 2010 Reply

oh, too bad about haystack. i am sorry. i hope things begin to settle for you.

By Carol - 5 September 2010 Reply

Hugs, Elissa, thinking of you.

By Elissa - 8 September 2010 Reply

Carol –

Thanks – that means a lot.


By Carol - 5 September 2010 Reply

Meant to say I’ve linked to you on my blog because you are such a generous blogger, I need to share you. XX

By Elissa - 8 September 2010 Reply

Thanks Carol – you are such a peanut. 🙂


By dinahmow - 5 September 2010 Reply

Hello! You’ve been off my feeder (why?) for a while, but I’m still here and still reading you.
Hope whatever the “thing” is it’s soon resolved.

By Elissa - 8 September 2010 Reply

Diane –

Thanks for your support. 🙂

I changed my feed, which might be why I was bumped from your feeder.


By Maggie - 7 September 2010 Reply

I hope things even out soon and that you are able to dive back in to work with energy and excitement. Take your time and make sure you’re happy & on track before you worry about pleasing any of us, puh-lease!

By Elissa - 8 September 2010 Reply

Maggie –

Thanks. 🙂 I think I’m having an especially hard time because I am a bit of a pathological people-pleaser.


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