Book Arts Guild of Vermont visit to UVM Special Collections

Pocket Guide to Select Personal Mythology by Sara Langworthy

Last Wednesday I attended the monthly meeting of the Book Arts Guild of Vermont.

Instead of meeting in our usual location, the Firehouse Gallery, we took what has become our annual field trip to UVM Special Collections at the Bailey/Howe Library.

As I’ve mentioned before, Special Collections at UVM has a spectacular artist book collection and is well-regarded by the College Art Association. I love that I have such an amazing resource within a short drive of my studio.

I was really excited about going to Special Collections. Dozens of books had been laid out for us – talk about being a kid in a candy shop!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out where to begin. I was completely overwhelmed.

I decided to keep it simple and look at the book structures instead of forcing myself to read. Thankfully, that approach worked. I was especially drawn to the structures used in the miniature books. I made lots of sketches to show how the different formats were constructed.

My favorite books were created by Canadian book artist Margaret Challenger:

Cats a Collection

Literature is My Utopia: Helen Keller

Habits of Hedgehogs

The hedgehog book was by far my favorite, and not just because of the structure. More than 10 years ago, I had a pet hedgehog. She was such a peanut.

Aside from finding out that Margaret has a strong interest in calligraphy, I didn’t have much luck finding more information about her or her work. Bad Google!

If anyone knows anything more, I’d love to hear it.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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