A fond farewell to Langdell Paper

I received a letter today that contained the news that I had hoped I’d never read:

As of July 25, 2010 Richard Langdell no longer operates Langdell Paper.

Handmade paper by Richard Langdell

Part of my Langdell stash

I have used Langdell Paper since I started making books – it’s like the paper grew up with me.

I’m really feeling a profound sense of loss.

I knew that Richard was looking to sell his business and I’m happy for him. He’s been making paper for 20 years and is ready to begin a new chapter in his life. I wish him well.

Part of me hoped that when his mill sold, it would be to someone in Vermont – then I’d still have it nearby. At least he has inventory available for sale until it runs out.

I can easily live in denial until then.

Welcome to Elissa’s inability to accept change.

The mill has moved from Vermont to Michigan and as of August 16th, will operate under the business name of Maple Street Paper Company. I look forward to seeing how the business (and paper selection) grows under the new owners, Whitney Korstange and Hilary Smith.

But I’ll sure miss taking that bumpy ride down Willey Hill Road during mud season.

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By velma - 8 August 2010 Reply

oh, i understand. i felt the same when the papertrail left ottawa, but as luck would have it, all was very well.

By Elissa - 21 August 2010 Reply

Velma –

So you found new paper to fill the void? Paper voids = sad.


By Carol - 20 August 2010 Reply

Oh, I do hope they make what you want and need. It just seems so hard to find papers that really suit and while you’ve been lucky for all these years, I really feel for you now and understand your disappointment. I hope the paper selection meets your needs. Best of luck!

By Elissa - 21 August 2010 Reply

Carol –

I think that part of the charm of the paper was having the maker nearby. It probably sounds silly, but it was like the paper was all mine.

Even though the new folks might be very nice, I’ll miss the regular visits to my paper friend.


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