Girl Scout bookbinding badge

Girl Scout bookbinding badgeAs I mentioned in this post, I recently purchased a Boy Scout bookbinding merit badge. It now lives on my work apron and I love it.

Before I continue, I have to tell you something about myself – after I buy something, I feel compelled to do a search and see if it’s for sale at a lesser price somewhere. It’s stupid and serves no purpose, but I do it anyway.

So I did a search on Ebay for bookbinding badges and discovered that there’s a similar badge for Girl Scouts. I was a Girl Scout. At some point in time, one of these badges will be mine.

Oh yes, it will be mine.

I spent a couple of hours online trying to get more information about the badge – anything about its history. All I could find is that the bookbinding badge was previously called “Scribe” and was produced from 1938 – 1948.

I’m thinking that I’ll actually have to do some hard copy library research to get more information about the badge. People still do that, right?

Many thanks to Amanda Dorris (a.k.a. pacificgroveinnkeeper on Ebay) for generously granting me permission to use her badge photo.


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By Suzanne - 28 February 2011 Reply

The badge continued to be produced and was renamed “Bookbinding” My Girl Scout Handbook was published as a ninth impression and includes the badge and its requirements. The badge you have pictured is indeed the scribe badge note that later badges were made without the excess material extending from the badge border. The earlier badges were meant to be sewn onto the sleeves of the girl scout uniform and the fabric used as the background was a match to the uniform. By the time my handbook was in use the uniforms had adopted the girl scout green color we know today.

I encourage you to find the original requirements for your “scribe” badge and earn it!

By Elissa - 1 March 2011 Reply

Suzanne –

Thanks so much for the badge back-story. Are you a collector?

In what year was the Bookbinding badge discontinued? I was a Girl Scout in the 80’s, so I’m guessing that the badge won’t be in my handbook. I’m going to have to dig out my book.


By Rebecca - 9 April 2012 Reply

I thought you mite find these like helpful.

Vintage Girl Scout online Museum:

These badges are from a private collector but are from all different time periods.


By Elissa - 24 April 2012 Reply

Rebecca –

Thanks for the links! I’m still on my quest to find other bookbinding badges. Time will tell if I can find any more!


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