One of my favorite things…

Trimmings of bookboard


I know this sounds odd, but there’s something really satisfying in producing a pile of little bookboard circles.

Say it with me – bookboardios.

I drill bookboard to create holes for binding my photo albums. What happens is that I often get a burr (a.k.a. bookboard barf).

Bookboard burr from drilliing

I have to trim off the bump or it will interfere with the binding.

Trimming bookboard with an X-Acto knife

After trimming, I sand down the bookboard for a smooth finish. Then I look longingly at my bookboardios. I love them so. And then I dump them in the recycling.

It’s a short-term relationship.

4 Responses to “One of my favorite things…”

By Carol - 26 June 2010 Reply

It does sound a bit odd, but I know what you mean. I keep hoarding the little dots that come out of my Japanese screw punch, then when I have a satisfying collection they go in the recycling, too. I have little containers that hold some pretty strange bits and pieces, but they often come in handy when my grand children are in a glueing mood.

By Elissa - 5 July 2010 Reply

Carol –

I can totally see saving dots – it’s confetti if nothing else. 🙂


By Shannon - 6 July 2010 Reply

Ahhh. I’ve always tried to just sand down the bumps and then been dissatisfied with the result. Planing with a blade first makes so much sense. Thanks for that!

(And I happen to have several photo albums waiting for the spines to be drilled, so I’ll be able to try it soon!)

By Elissa - 12 July 2010 Reply

Shannon –

It is planing, isn’t it? Maybe someone should invent a small planer for bookboard…


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