My new baby – a library card catalog

I am such a happy duck.

I have a new library card catalog. I have wanted one forever. Now I have one. It’s mine. I love it so so much.

I drove 4.5 hours-ish one-way to pick it up. In total, I drove about 10 hours that day (I had a meeting in the morning). I think that’s the most I’ve ever driven alone in one day. I don’t ever ever want to do that again.

Unless it’s for another card catalog, in which case where are the keys to my van?

Van loaded with a library card catalog

A van full of happy

I got it from Maureen Cummins on the Book Arts Listserv. She’s my card catalog guardian angel. She gave me the following information about the piece:

  • She originally got it from an antique shop.
  • It’s handmade. Each of the 60 drawers is numbered on the back because they only fit their designated spaces.
  • The history of the piece includes some work on it that was performed by someone who had hoped to have some kind of relationship with Maureen. Didn’t happen. Sorry guy.

Unfortunately, the piece won’t fit in my studio, but it really looks at home in the spot where it now lives. That is, it looks so at home in my home.

My husband has started planning on what he’ll store in those drawers. I can already tell that this is going be a problem. I have to start training myself now to SHARE. I can’t possibly fill 60 drawers by myself.

Library card catalog

Hello, I love you.

That’s a lie. Yes I can.

4 Responses to “My new baby – a library card catalog”

By Ellen - 8 June 2010 Reply

Awww….I’m envious but quite happy for you. What a marvelous find, and well worth a 10 hour round trip in my opinion. May it bring you many years of joyful use.

By Elissa - 12 June 2010 Reply

Ellen –

Thanks for the kind words. I assure you, it will be well-loved. 🙂


By velma - 8 June 2010 Reply

it looks like your card catalog doesn’t have the slit in the bottom, such luck. handmade. hurrah for you.

By Elissa - 12 June 2010 Reply

Velma –

It doesn’t look like it ever had those bar thingies in the drawers, for which I am very thankful.


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