Feeling understood

Handmade journal by Elissa Campbell of Blue Roof DesignsI just read a brief interview of artist Mariko Kusumoto in The Boston Globe Magazine.

Kusumoto creates interactive metal box sculptures that will be featured at an upcoming exhibition at the Fuller Craft MuseumUnfolding Stories.

When asked for the inspiration behind her work, Kusumoto replied:

I feel comfortable creating space. It gives me a sense of security.

Those words could just have easily come from my lips – that’s one of the reasons why I make blank books. I love the idea of creating spaces where people can feel safe enough to express themselves.

For those of you who also make books – why do you do it?

2 Responses to “Feeling understood”

By velma - 17 May 2010 Reply

you asked!!!–books are one way a reader interacts with me–my work–up close, really paying attention. i love it that for a brief time we are in dialogue.

By Elissa - 27 May 2010 Reply

Velma –

I think that’s true for me too. I echoed that sentiment recently when talking about why books are such an intriguing art form. They have powerful skill at drawing people in.


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