Montpelier Art Walk – recap

Last Friday I was the featured artist at Artisans Hand Craft Gallery for the Montpelier Art Walk. I had an awesome time. As I am who I am, I brought way too much stuff with me.

Hello, my name is Elissa and I don’t know how to pack.

I brought my one-of-a-kind books for people to explore. Seeing all of my work on display at one time was not something I had experienced before then. I liked it.

Elissa Campbell's handmade books at Montpelier Art Walk - Artisans Hand

I’m not sure why, but not many people picked up the books. If I do something like this again, I’ll put out a sign indicating that it’s okay to pick up the work.

I also brought a coptic journal for my bookbinding demonstration. As I expected, I didn’t get much of it done because I was so busy yakking. I never realized just how sloppy my work gets when I talk and bind at the same time. That book is so getting taken apart.

Lastly, I brought a quick project for folks to make on the spot – a mini book that’s created from one sheet of 8.5″ x 11″ paper. My thought was that folks could use their books for writing poetry – this seemed liked a good match for both National Poetry Month and Montpelier’s involvement in POETRY Alive!

Elissa Campbell teaching kids at the Montpelier Art Walk - Artisans Hand

The curly-haired bookbinder teaching kids...

Elissa Campbell teaching adults at the Montpelier Art Walk - Artisans Hand

...and adults.

I had an unexpected surprise while at the Art Walk – a friend of mine from college came by the gallery! Earlier in the day, I had joked with him on Facebook about coming to the Art Walk, as it was a “short” drive from New Hampshire. Although I loved the idea, I certainly didn’t expect him to take me up on it. Friends are so great sometimes.

Another highlight of the Art Walk was that I got to work on a book project with my niece. I think that this is the 3rd book we’ve done together. She’s a 5.5 year-old bookbinding genius. No, she’s a wunderkind. I never get to say wunderkind.

Child making handmade book

The next day, my niece told me that she wanted to a book maker like me. She said that it was because she “liked all the colors”.

<<< love >>>

2 Responses to “Montpelier Art Walk – recap”

By Carol - 8 May 2010 Reply

Just today my 4 yr old grand daughter helped me carry leather into the studio and gazed appreciatively at all my “stuff”. She very confidently told me that tomorrow she’ll be making a book and the cover will be full of glitter. I guess that means we’ll have glitter from one end of the studio to the other, but I do hope she, and the other little ones, will feel free to make whatever they like in there. And I hope my patience never wears thin…

By Elissa - 10 May 2010 Reply

Carol –

I wish you the best in your glitter recovery efforts. I would totally let my niece do whatever she wanted in my studio. She’s so the boss of me.


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