Book Arts Guild of Vermont workshop: Online Resources for the Book Arts

Screen shot of the Book Arts Web

Mmm...the book arts interweb

Last Wednesday, I did a presentation for the Book Arts Guild of Vermont on online resources for the book arts.

I was delighted to have an enthusiastic crowd of 15  – way more than I anticipated. I kinda thought folks would stay away because let’s face it – computers are mostly unsexy.

Making stuff – now that’s sexy.

I tried to give an overview of what’s out there – blogs, image galleries, forums, videos, tutorials – you name it. If I had more time, I could easily expand the presentation from two hours to, oh, about a gazillion.

My favorite part of the presentation was when folks asked questions that led us to other websites. I’m always happy to go further down the rabbit hole.

I gave a resource booklet to everyone who came to the presentation – the pages were bound using a pamphlet stitch. You can download the booklet by clicking on the following link: Online Resources for Book Artists. The pages are formatted for binding – just fold the two pages in half, nest them, and you’re good to go!

I’d like to give credit to the wonderful photographer behind the booklet cover image – my hubby. The model is Preston, my book press (and he’s taken).

9 Responses to “Book Arts Guild of Vermont workshop: Online Resources for the Book Arts”

By blu - 8 March 2010 Reply

Great resource links. Thanks!


By Elissa - 8 March 2010 Reply

Taylor –

Glad you find it useful!


By gerri - 9 March 2010 Reply

thanks for the booklet!!

By Jill - 10 March 2010 Reply

I was one of the lucky 15 to attend the presentation, and it was wonderful! I feel like we were given a personalized tour of the electronic resources available to book artists. There was a constant chorus of oohs and aahs and oh how cool is thats. I tried to keep track by putting a star next to the ones I absolutely had to check out when I got home. Sitting in front of my computer thumbing through the booklet, I realized I had put a star next to almost every one!

People who see themselves as being in competition with everyone else tend to hoard or hide their discoveries. People with a generous heart (this means you, Elissa) get joy and pleasure from sharing what they have, and helping others along. And that makes you a resource, and a treasure, in our lives. Thank you, Sweetie!

By Elissa - 12 March 2010 Reply

Jill –

Thank you so much for your kind words – I’m seriously sitting here with my mouth open. People are going to think I’m paying you to write these nice things about me!

Much earlier in my career, I was much more protective of my resources. Once I became witness to the generosity of others, I mellowed out quite a bit.

My motto is this: “It tastes better if you share it.” It’s as accurate for knowledge as it is for Oreos.


By stitchworks - 11 March 2010 Reply

Thanks, I have marked the booklet for further browsing.

I hope you are well and truly back from ickly land – its an awful grey place and not worth the fare. Enjoy your new success.

By Elissa - 12 March 2010 Reply

Jackie –

Definitely out of ickly land. 🙂


By Holly - 20 April 2010 Reply

Hi Elissa,
I just stumbled across your site and was instantly intrigued. I found this resource and sent the accolades / link to my fellow book arts fans. I want to thank you for your kindness and generosity in providing such a fantastic summary. I too agree that sharing is best and I appreciate the wonderful resource. I hope you LOVE haystack and wish you all things good.

By Elissa - 20 April 2010 Reply

Holly –

You’re so sweet! Thanks for passing on the link to my blog.

Oh I’ll love Haystack, trust me. 🙂


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