Bookbinding merit badges

PodPost Merit Badge Set - BookbindingI love love love these bookbinding merit badges I bought from Pod Post last year.

UPDATE 5/1/12: It looks like Pod Post no longer has an active website. 🙁

I almost didn’t want to open the package, they looked so cool in there. I finally decided that they needed to breathe.

After asking for advice on Twitter, I settled on adding the badges to my studio apron. I’m not sure how I’d ever get anything done if I didn’t have Twitter people telling me what to do.

By the way, what should I wear tomorrow? #lazy

I forced my husband to sit through a session of – “Should I put them here? How about here? Ooohh, how about this?” Poor guy.

One throbbing finger later (read below), here are the results:

Pod Post bookbinding merit badges

Dang that blue one is all crooked-y. I am not quitting my day job.

I’m now considering some more badges to add to the mix:

Bookbinding Boy Scouts merit badgeA bookbinding merit badge from the Boy Scouts of America. This badge was in use from 1927 – 1987, after which it was merged with the Graphic Arts badge. I wonder what kind of ruckus would ensue if the BSA knew that a woman had one of these in her possession… A number of these badges are currently for sale by Ebay seller TSPA, an outlet for Scouting collectibles.



Finger carving merit badgeThe Boy Scout Store‘s Finger Carving Merit Badge. Is there anyone out there who does not have at least one battle scar from their bookbinding exploits? Mine is about 3/8″ long on my left index finger. In fact, I’m thinking that there should also be a finger stabbing badge – my thumb is all swollen from having stabbed it with the needle while sewing on my bookbinding badges.



Tantrum merit badgeThe Tantrum Merit Badge by Mama Merit Badges. Yeah, if I can’t get something to work while in the studio (especially if I’m under deadline), things are gonna get thrown. That’s how my favorite bone folder died. I miss him. After said throwing of things, then will come denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Then maybe some swearing, but after that, I’m done.


5 Responses to “Bookbinding merit badges”

By Parkside Harmony - 17 February 2010 Reply

Those are AWESOME!!!

By Jill - 22 February 2010 Reply


Talk about synchronisity — I was looking for something else on eBay last week and up popped the Boy Scout Bookbinding merit badge. At $4.99, I didn’t even blink — I purchased one on the spot! I love the badges you got, too. I’m thinking of turning the merit badge I got into a pin (to afix to jackets, jaunty scarves and the like). If you like the way it turns out and decide to purchase a merit badge, I’d be happy to make yours into a pin, too. : ) jill

By Elissa - 2 March 2010 Reply

Jill –

I’m starting to think we’re sharing some kind of collective book-artsy brain. I like the idea of turning the badges into pins. I can totally see them on a fedora.


By Carolee - 26 July 2012 Reply

Elissa, as one-half of the former Pod Post, I want to thank you for your appreciation! Pod Post ceased to be in 2009, but we’re definitely keeping alive the tenets we set forth back then.

and onward,


By Elissa - 26 July 2012 Reply

Carolee –

Bummer that Pod Post is now Pod Past. I just started learning letterpress and I wish I could go back in time and buy those letterpress badges! By the way, I have Good Mail Day and I love it!


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