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I’ve mentioned before how much I love Twitter – in particular, the book arts community there is awesome. I love the generosity that can come in the form of hit-and-run conversation.

I also realize that Twitter isn’t for everyone. I totally get that. I do, however, share information on Twitter that I don’t publish on my blog.

In an effort to bridge the gap, I’ve taken inspiration from Alyson Stanfield‘s Tweekly – she aggregates highlights from her twitter feed and publishes them on her blog. I decided to do the same, except I have chosen the name of Twigest.

Note: I did consider Twilights, but decided it was too vampire-y.

The tweets below are listed just as they were published on Twitter. I hope you enjoy them!

  • Via Green Chair Press, The Infinity Card by Marilyn Scott Waters – – this thing just flips and flips and flips…
  • Also via Green Chair Press, free paper toy templates by Marilyn Scott Waters –
  • Amazing Rutgers project – students created glass books inspired by the topic of self-injury –
  • RT @bookworkers London Bookbinder Kathy Abbot’s new book – Bookbinding: A Step by Step Guide is now available through Shepherds

2 Responses to “@blueroofdesigns Twigest”

By Marilyn - 13 February 2010 Reply

Elissa! Hello!

Thanks for the links! I do appreciate them.

Your work is so lovely! I’m inspired!

Warm thoughts,


By Elissa - 2 March 2010 Reply

Marilyn –

Thanks for the kind words.

I love to share my internet discoveries and your work is awesome!


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