Welcome to my redesigned website!

Well, I finally went ahead and did a website redesign (yay me!).

If you’re a regular blog reader, then you may have noticed that a bunch of posts are missing. I have another blog post import coming up, so that should be fixed soon.

Even though I have a redirect in place, you might want to update your bookmarks, reader link, etc. to my new blog URL:

I still have some cleanup to do, so if you come across something wonky, please let me know. Or you could always pretend you didn’t see anything wrong and then I won’t have to feel embarrassed.

Your call. 😉

6 Responses to “Welcome to my redesigned website!”

By Sarah - 29 January 2010 Reply

The new website looks lovely!

By Elissa - 29 January 2010 Reply

Sarah –

I’m glad you like it! I don’t deal with change well and I feel terribly self-conscious about the redesign, even though I know it’s a good thing.


By Carol - 29 January 2010 Reply

Looks good, can’t see any problems. I’ve got heaps to catch up on so will have to go back to your old site to have a good read. Will all the Dremel etc. info be on here or stay on your old site? I’d hate to lose anything because you are such a mine of good information. Carol

By Elissa - 29 January 2010 Reply

Carol –

Just about all of the blog posts are here now (except for eight) and the old blog post URL’s all point here now – if you bookmarked a Dremel post on the old website, the link will take you here now.

Thanks for the compliment! You’re a peanut. 🙂


By Jill - 5 February 2010 Reply

Lovely and very professional! I love seeing the slide show of the beautiful books you’ve made. Very inspiring…

By Elissa - 5 February 2010 Reply

Jill –

I’m glad you like the slide show. I’m not completely happy with how that works – I’m trying to find another way to do it. Stay tuned!


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