A peek into my Google Reader

I am such a collector.

Today I learned that in my Google Reader, I have subscribed to 324 blogs that I’ve tagged with “bookbinding”. On almost a daily basis, I find new people from around the world talking about the book arts. The variety of work is just amazing.

If you’d like to view the feed for my bookbinding list in Google Reader, just click on this link. You also can see the full list of blogs if you click on the + sign to the left of “324 feeds” (just above the subscribe button).

And no, I am not even remotely close to being caught up on all of these blogs (only 611 posts to go!).

4 Responses to “A peek into my Google Reader”

By Clara - 14 January 2010 Reply

Elissa, I feel your pain (or elation), although I’m only subscribed to a hundred or so bookbinding blogs. So much gorgeousness, so little time!

By elissa - 14 January 2010 Reply

Clara –

Thanks for the support. I just added another blog to the reader today.



By dymphie - 16 January 2010 Reply

there are only 118 bookbinding blogs in my reader, off to check those other 206, not that i can keep up with the 118- …ah well 😀

By elissa - 18 January 2010 Reply

Dymphie –

It seems I have a total 701 subscriptions in my reader. Some of my other categories include letterpress, journaling, mixed-media, printmaking, and Gocco.

And no, I’m not caught up on those either. Sigh.


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