Hmmmm…scam or no scam?

I just received the following Email (sender’s name removed):

Hello Elissa I saw your work on and particularly enjoyed untitled. I work for an arts media company currently running a number of exhibitions throughout the year. We are launching an exciting new Awards ceremony for next year 2010 and would like to invite you to apply. The best artist will recieve a prestigious award, and media exposure. If you are interested please get in touch with me ASAP. All submitted work must be original no copies or prints. Many Thanks XXXX

I have no photos added to my profile on

Congratulations! You are now the recipient of the 2010 Idiotic Email Award – and we’re only 6 days in!

Clear off that mantel. Your mother should be proud.

3 Responses to “Hmmmm…scam or no scam?”

By Connie Mettler - 6 January 2010 Reply

hmmm, Elissa, at first this really alarmed me, but the realized that artists emails are not posted at my site, How do you think these spammers got your address?

By elissa - 6 January 2010 Reply

Connie –

If they clicked on the link to my website, which is posted, they could find my Email address there.

I certainly don’t hold you responsible for what happened. I put myself out on the web and anticipate that things like this will happen.


By Connie Mettler - 11 January 2010 Reply

Thanks for understanding that. This kind of things makes me nervous. I don’t want the artists getting ripped off or scammed.

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