Something to be thankful for

Two kids coloring in handmade books

As a birthday gift, my hubby and I gave our niece and nephew a field bag that each of them could use when exploring the outdoors. At the last minute, I stuffed one of my journals into each of their bags. We handed them their wrapped packages after arriving on Thanksgiving Day.

They each opened their bags and found the journals. To my surprise, they tossed the bags aside and started drawing in the books. By the time we headed home, many of the books’ pages were full of scribbles and my heart was full of joy.

This is what I’m thankful for.

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By Jennifer - 29 November 2009 Reply

Awesome! I love this story. Maybe some future book makers?

By elissa - 1 December 2009 Reply

Jennifer –

My niece and I have already made 2 books together. When we made the 2nd one, she approached me with the idea. It was a pretty awesome moment.

My nephew is still in the ripping stage, so I think we’ll wait a bit with him.


By Randy J. Arnold - 29 November 2009 Reply

That’s a great story!!

Happy Thanksgiving,


By Maggie - 30 November 2009 Reply

It’s always a great feeling to see your books actually being used! Looks like you found an appreciative audience – how fun!

By Carol - 1 December 2009 Reply

How lovely for these two to be given real handmade books to use. A wonderful gift from you.

By elissa - 1 December 2009 Reply

Randy, Maggie, & Carol –

Thanks for the kind words.

I feel a strong need to teach them the value of art and of handmade things. Hopefully it will stick.


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