The Paper Place’s Great Origami Giveaway

The Paper Place origami giveaway imageThe generous folks at The Paper Place just announced their second insane giveaway…the prize? One of each of the origami packs they offer onlinethat’s 75 packs!

Um, mine please.

You can enter the giveaway here. The contest runs from 11/15 – 12/15, with the winner being chosen at random.

The Paper Place is located in Toronto, Canada. If you don’t live nearby, luckily you can shop online. I’m a sucker for their Chiyogami paper (a.k.a. Yuzen). If you’re not familiar with Chiyogami paper, it’s a Japanese paper that has each color silkscreened on by hand.

In addition to their fabulous paper selection, they also offer workshops – the Tsutsumi Gift Wrapping workshop looks particularly fun.

The search options on their website are awesome – you can search for Chiyogami by color, pattern, or color and pattern. This makes it all too easy to spend money I don’t have. Not that it’s ever stopped me from doing so before…

By the way, the contest winner? That’s me.

You can congratulate me now. 🙂

4 Responses to “The Paper Place’s Great Origami Giveaway”

By Billie - 16 November 2009 Reply

Ohh Drool….that’s the kinda paper I’d love to have but have too much fun stroking it and never want to use it!

I’m a cupboard paper perv, what can I say 🙂

Congrats on winning some of the paper you love

Best wishes

Billie 🙂

By elissa - 18 November 2009 Reply

Billie –

If I do actually win, I’ll definitely share some of it with a giveaway. Paper tastes better when you share!


By dinahmow - 21 November 2009 Reply

Yes, I get all hyper at the thought of such lovely paper (not a lot of good paper available here 🙁 )
But I really came to ask if you’ve seen this
Traffic is one of my “dangers” but this is crazy!

By elissa - 26 November 2009 Reply

Diane –

Geez, those sketches are amazing! Thanks for sharing the link.


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