Ode to studio piles

I have a craft show in 1 1/2 weeks and I am stressed out.

Anticipation of the first show of the season always makes me a bit wacky. The truth is, I’m in pretty good shape as far as inventory, but I’m not where I want to be.

And that’s located somewhere in the land of unrealistic expectations.

As my studio grows increasingly chaotic (I am not a neat worker during times of stress), I become more aware of the piles of papers that I’m not attending to. Usually I like piles, but not these. So I decided to stop and look around my studio for the piles I do like.

Here’s sampling of the happiness I found:

Piles of accordion book covers

Accordion book covers, basking in the sun

Book covers pressing under weight

There’s nothing like a precariously perched improvised press

Piles of bookboard

Oh bookboard, you owe your existence to the Kutrimmer

Piles of coptic journal materials

Coptic journals, waiting for binding

Piles of journal pages

Journal pages

Piles of completed photo albums

Completed photo albums

I hereby declare a total ignore of all non-happy piles. I encourage you to do the same.

14 Responses to “Ode to studio piles”

By Monica - 10 November 2009 Reply

I love it! Embrace the happy piles, ignore the non! I’ll do the same 🙂
Good luck getting ready for the show – sending calming thoughts your way!

By elissa - 10 November 2009 Reply

Monica –

Thanks for the good vibes…evil piles vanishing…


By Beth - 10 November 2009 Reply

Yummy photos!! My own love of studio piles is sometimes counterproductive. I love to look around my studio when I’m in production mode. I’ve taken pictures like this on my own blog.

By elissa - 14 November 2009 Reply

Beth –

Oh oh oh…where can I find your pics of studio piles? I want to see more!


By Beth - 23 November 2009 Reply

Since I haven’t made a book edition in awhile, I don’t have book production piles, but I do have in-process piles:

Sometimes the juxtaposition of colors and shapes in the in-process piles is more interesting than the finished product!

By elissa - 26 November 2009 Reply

Beth –

I love that dark paper/gold ink combination!

I hereby deem your piles worthy. As if that means anything. 🙂


By Shannon - 10 November 2009 Reply

My studio has looked much the same these last few weeks. I like it when they get down to the “just needs to be cased in” piles or the “just needs to be stitched” piles, as opposed to the giant unpunched paper and uncovered bookboard piles…

As of yesterday (my main deadline) I was down to one unhappy pile of unfinished photo albums, which I stressed over for most of the weekend but then did exactly as you suggested and decided to ignore. I feel much better now.

By elissa - 14 November 2009 Reply

Shannon –

What you said so rings true for me…I’ve been burning (not with fire) through my “good” piles and I miss them. Even though I have more finished work, I miss having stacks of components around. I’m not really sure why they’re so pleasing to me, but they are.


By Cathy - 10 November 2009 Reply

I’m glad that I just do my book art for my enjoyment.

However, your accordion book covers are simple beautiful and one these days I’ll teach myself how do that coptic binding. For my bookart notebook, i just made up a stitch binding to keep the two signatures together.

By elissa - 14 November 2009 Reply

Cathy –

Most of the time I do bookbinding for enjoyment…right now, since I have an upcoming show, the focus tends to change. 🙁

Do you have a picture of your notebook binding on your blog? I’d love to see it.


By Carol - 12 November 2009 Reply

I’m so pleased to see you can ignore the chaos and concentrate on the beautiful things. That’s the way I seem to live these days – still (after 9 months) surrounded by unpacked boxes, studio looking like a bomb site – but those precarious piles of pressed books gladden my heart. And I agree with your other readers, your covers are beautiful.

By elissa - 14 November 2009 Reply

Carol –

Sometimes I’m good at ignoring the chaos – today, not so much. I need to look at those pictures again…


By Clara - 22 November 2009 Reply

Ah, Elissa, this is a metaphor for life!

By elissa - 26 November 2009 Reply

Clara –

Very true…how I try so hard to negotiate the piles of life. Especially when they’re stinky.


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