20+ Years of French Paper Promotions

I’ve never been shy about proclaiming how much I love love love the French Paper Company.

In addition to making fabulous papers that I’ve been using for years, they’ve also been an inspiration for branding. They set a high bar – their design is infused with a style and humor that I really appreciate.

This video documents over 20 years of the French Paper Company’s promotions. I have several of them, but I’m really hoping that one of their rocking snow globes magically shows up at my door.

Or a Cream of Meat poster.

20 + Years of French Paper Promotions by Charles S. Anderson Design Company

from French Paper on Vimeo


2 Responses to “20+ Years of French Paper Promotions”

By Theano - 6 November 2009 Reply

This is too cool for words!!!

By elissa - 10 November 2009 Reply

Theano –

Glad you like it!


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