Trip to Taurus Bookbindery

The Guild of Bookworkers is presenting their annual event, The Seminar on Standards of Excellence in Hand Bookbinding, in San Francisco starting today. As my trip to Taurus Bookbindery was one of the stops on my bookbinding spree in San Francisco this summer, I felt it necessary to finally write about my visit.

Taurus Bookbindery - exterior

Taurus Bookbindery is owned and operated by Tim James, the mastermind behind the American Bookbinding Museum. Tim has been in business for over 30 years and specializes in binding editions of 100 and smaller.

When I arrived at the bindery’s address, I incorrectly assumed that this was a small operation. I warn you, the exterior of this building is very deceiving. There is a lot of super goodness in there.

As I mentioned in this post, I lost my notes from my trip to San Francisco (grrr…) so I can’t identify all of the machinery. I may not remember what it all was, but I do know that I want one of each for myself.

What follows is a photo tour of my trip.

Taurus Bookbindery

Rolls of leather

Hello leather, I love you.

Bookbinding equipment

Bookbinding equipment

Piles of text blocks

Lordy, I loves me some piles.

Sewing machine

Now I KNOW that’s a sewing machine.

Rolls of bookcloth

Large book press

Im-press-ive, right?

Bookbinding equipment

Guillotine paper cutter

Seriously, don’t try this at home.

6 Responses to “Trip to Taurus Bookbindery”

By moonbindery - 31 October 2009 Reply

Wow, I’m really wanting some of that leather. And some of the equipment, too. Lucky them. Thanks for the photo tour!

By elissa - 14 November 2009 Reply


How about you distract him and I’ll stuff as much leather as I can into my pants? I’ll split the haul with you…


By Carol - 12 November 2009 Reply

Great place! Now I want some cardboard rolls to store my leather in. Why have I never thought of that before? Thanks

By elissa - 14 November 2009 Reply

Carol –

It’s like a leather condo, isn’t it?


By Marguerite - 12 November 2009 Reply

Ouch, that last photo looks dangerous! Look ma, no hands! 🙂

By elissa - 14 November 2009 Reply

Marguerite –



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