Bookbinding bad habits – a winner

And the winner of the bookbinding bad habits giveaway is…

Random number generator

Liz Conley!

Congrats to Liz and many thanks to all of those who were generous in sharing their bookbinding tips misdeeds.

By the way, I’ve got another one… My understanding is that you’re not supposed to wash your glue brush with either hot water or soap. I do both. And my brush has lasted me for 15 years.

2 Responses to “Bookbinding bad habits – a winner”

By dinahmow - 15 October 2009 Reply

Well, I’ve just picked a few more habits here! And I do things I was taught to do by a pro (Adele Outteridge)
I thought using old cashcards (or fingers) was a smart thing and didn’t muck up good brushes; so I guess it really is a matter of “works for me!”

And can I quote you on “bookbinding is a metaphor for life”

PS How’s your “danger!” sketchbook progressing?

By elissa - 18 October 2009 Reply

Diane –

Sure you can quote me – don’t blame me for what happens when you do. 🙂

Sketchbook? I think there’s a danger that I might never get to it!


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