More information on Paper and Book Intensive 2010

I was just going down the internet rabbit hole and I ended up on the Paper and Book Intensive website. It’s been a while since I last visited and I was happy to find that they’ve announced their instructors for 2010:

Personally, I’d love to take a class with Emily Martin of The Naughty Dog Press. I love her sense of humor. And her appreciation for pie.

Many of these folks are new to me and I had to do a bit of searching to find out more about them. If you have any additional information, I’d love to hear what you know. Share!

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By Clara - 15 October 2009 Reply

Elissa, I have a note to myself to check the site first thing in January, since they usually don’t put out information before then, thank you for this. I’m considering going next year if I can find the $$. I would SO love to take a class with Emily Martin.

I’m fortunate to work with Frank Brannon on a regular basis — he lives in my town and runs the papermaking studio at BookWorks ( He’s a wonderful teacher, a fine artist, and lovely person.

You’ve reminded me that I need to start saving my pennies if I’m going to make it. Can I assume, since you’re in the general vicinity, that you’ll be going? Last time I went to PBI I had the opportunity to meet Rhonda Miller, of My Handbound Books. It was such a treat to get to know someone whose blog I’d read regularly and enjoyed.

Thanks again.

By elissa - 15 October 2009 Reply

Clara –

I hope to go, if money allows. With it being so close to Vermont, it could be the best chance I have to attend.

I’d love to meet you too – I understand that online folks actually have faces. 🙂


By Clara - 15 October 2009 Reply

OH, Elissa, I am so very sorry to have been getting your name wrong all this time. Please forgive me. Elissa is such a lovely name, I don’t know where I came up with “Erin.”

I was fortunate to attend PBI two years ago, in large part because it was a two-hour drive away, so I appreciate how much more affordable it becomes when it’s in the vicinity. Budget will certainly be a factor for me in 2010.

Since that event, I’ve gotten to know Steve Miller, since he teaches from time to time at Penland (an hour away) and at BookWorks here in Asheville ( It’s difficult to think of him selecting anyone to teach at PBI who wasn’t terrific. In any case, that was my experience when I attended. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for both of us.

By elissa - 15 October 2009 Reply

Clara –

No biggie on the name – it happens all the time. 🙂 Once I actually had someone tell me that I pronounced my name wrong!


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