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The Sketchbook Project Library logoAfter about a month and a half of studio avoidance, it seems that I have conquered the demon. Not only have I made books recently, but I have also created a fully-unrealistic production schedule to get me ready for the holiday season. Things are back to normal. So of course, I had to throw something into the mix to add some drama.

Welcome to The Sketchbook Project Library. Here’s the scoop:

Sketchbooks offers a glimpse into an artist’s life, which is why we want to make a publicly accessible library of sketchbooks that people can browse, peruse, and check out. We think that this sketchbook collection has the potential to open a new line of communication between the artist and the viewer, since the experience of making and viewing are both so personal. Anyone can sign up to receive a sketchbook. Before joining our permanent collection, sketchbooks will be exhibited at select galleries across the US.

During the months of October and November (smack in the middle of craft show season), I will be working on a Moleskine journal using their randomly-assigned theme of “Danger, danger” as my muse. I have lots of ideas swirling around in my head, most of them involving pop-ups and others being just plain ridiculous.

I haven’t kept a visual journal since I was in graduate school for art therapy. I’ve wanted to get back into it…I’m hoping that this project will have a long-term effect on my daily creative practice.

After all of the sketchbooks have been returned, the library will then go on tour, including all submissions. There is no jury. All you have to do is pay your entry fee and you’re in. That’s the best part about this project – it acknowledges that all visual expression has merit.

That’s also the best message I could give to someone buying one of my journals – it doesn’t matter what you put in the book because it all has value. Everything about you and your experience has value.

I hope I can put my markers where my mouth is.

4 Responses to “The Sketchbook Project Library”

By dinahmow - 24 September 2009 Reply

Well, if you can load your plate, I guess I can, too!
So now I can add a Moleskin to the travelling sketchbooks, the group entry for the Libris Awards, the print swap…Oh yes! Need to print more cards for personal use.
Should be a breeze!(But if you don’t see me around the blogs, you’ll know why.)

By elissa - 27 September 2009 Reply

Diane –

We should start a support group for ambitious, overextended creative types. We should fill up in no time!

I’m glad to know someone else participating in the Sketchbook Project. If you haven’t already, you should start a blog to document your progress because your to-do list isn’t long enough. 🙂


By dinahmow - 27 September 2009 Reply

Start another blog?Arrgh! I thought we’re encouraged to post stuff on the Project site?
Oh, yes, I also drew danger!danger!
And here is another blogger who’s thrown her hat in the ring. (my fault!)
Now…I must figure out how to make a relief print of a nutmeg grater. An editionable print, that is! See, full plate!

By elissa - 29 September 2009 Reply

Diane –

It looks like I’ve started a chain reaction of art engagement…bwahahahahahhahah!

We’ll have to compare notes on our danger work. 🙂


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