New books on my bookshelf – part 1

I have a book problem. It doesn’t matter if I have 5 other books with the same content, I will buy a new bookbinding book just because I have to have it. Thankfully, some of my most recent book purchases have not duplicated anything else in my library.

Objects/Encounters: Bookworks at Flying Fish Press 1987-2001

Objects/Encounters by Julie Chen of Flying Fish PressBy Connell Gallagher and Cynthia Imperatore
Published by the University of Vermont, © 2002
ISBN: 0940155011

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I am a big fan of book artist Julie Chen. I first experienced her work in person during a visit to the Special Collections Department at the University of Vermont. The Book Arts Guild of Vermont was lucky enough to have Connell Gallagher, the then-director of Special Collections, as a tour guide (he has since retired).

Thankfully, along with Cynthia Imperatore, Gallagher co-wrote Objects/Encounters by Julie Chen of Flying Fish Press. The book provides the reader with an intimate view of Chen’s journey in the book arts, along with background and details of specific pieces. Gallagher has such a vast and informed knowledge of Chen’s work and if you’ve never had the opportunity to see her work in person, then this book is the next best thing.

This book can be purchased for $35 (not including shipping) from Vamp and Tramp, Booksellers.

Limp Bindings from Tallin

Limp Bindings from Tallin by Monica LangweBy Monica Langwe
Published by Langwe Form
ISBN: 9163188589

Another recent acquisition is Limp bindings from Tallinn by Monica Langwe. I first read about the book in this blog post by Rhonda Miller of My Handbound Books.

During her bookbinding studies, Langwe was so drawn to limp bindings that she traveled to the City Archives in Tallinn, Estonia to study them further. She focused on 22 specific bindings, eight of which were the focus for this book (the second book in the series is in production). The last chapter in the book focuses on modern interpretations of the bindings by professional bookbinders in Sweden and Estonia.

Barbara Simler of Moon Bindery documented her journey through several of the bindings on her blog (her photos are fabulous):

I think that the binding names are just delicious! I’m not-so-secretly convinced that Tegumentum cinereum is a kind of cookie. This book can be purchased directly from Langwe for $38 (not including shipping).

To order, please send an Email to:

2 Responses to “New books on my bookshelf – part 1”

By Clara - 1 October 2009 Reply

Ah, I’m salivating. Thanks for giving us the purchase sites.

By elissa - 3 October 2009 Reply

Clara –

I have another post with more books coming…just in case you need more things to throw money at.


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