Paper and Book Intensive 2010

If you’re gaga for bookbinding and paper-related fun, then the Paper and Book Intensive (PBI) is the gig for you. PBI has been in existence for twenty-four years – the founding co-directors include Timothy Barrett, Gary Frost, and Hedi Kyle. This annual event brings in the big dogs.

Here’s a sampler of some of their instructors from over the years:

While I was at the Focus on Book Arts conference, everyone was talking about next year’s PBI. I was thrilled to hear that in 2010, PBI will be held in Maine. I can actually drive there – I am so very happy!

Here are more details from their website:

PBI 2010 will be held at the University of Maine, Machias campus located along one of the last wilderness coastlines in the Eastern United States from July 11-22, 2010. The campus houses the book arts and papermaking facilities directed by Bernie Vinzani, and is near the studios of Gray Parrott, Katie MacGregor, Walter Tisdale and Nancy Leavitt. The area is home to three thousand year old petroglyphs, a large population of bald eagles, black bear and moose, and world famous pies from Helen’s Restaurant. The local populace is kind enough to call you “deah” (dear) after you meet them.

If you want to read personal experiences from people who have gone to PBI, then head on over to Rhonda Miller’s blog – My Handmade Books. Rhonda wrote three blog posts about the specific classes she took at this year’s PBI:

Sara Ringler also attended PBI in 2009. Her blog features a video of Paul Denhoed and Maki Yamashita beating Kozo fiber – it sounds like drumming! Sara’s blog also includes a lovely photo essay that she refers to as the “spirit of the Paper and Book Intensive“.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to save my pennies now.

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By Sara - 12 August 2009 Reply

I’m drooling… sounds great, but sadly I won’t be there! I’m saving my pennies for buying lots of lovely paper when I go over to Europe in September to see my family, which is a consolation. I hope you get there and have lots of fun!

By elissa - 12 August 2009 Reply

Sara –

European paper….droooolllll. Definitely a good reason to spend money. I sure hope you’ll be posting pics of the paper on your blog!


By gerri newfry - 12 August 2009 Reply

i’ve been to PBI twice. i loved it! you’ll enjoy it too.

By elissa - 14 August 2009 Reply

Oohhh…who did you take classes with?

By BookGirl - 13 August 2009 Reply

I went to PBI for the first time in 2008 and loved it. I’m thrilled to hear it will be in Maine next year and, like you, am starting to save my pennies.


By elissa - 14 August 2009 Reply

Clara –

What classes did you take when you went?


By Rhonda - 13 August 2009 Reply

PBI is so great – I hope to go to Maine next year too, it might be driveable for me as well!

By elissa - 14 August 2009 Reply

Rhonda –

It was clear to me that you had a rocking time at PBI, based on your blog. 🙂 So funny that I found your roommate online!


By Rhonda - 13 August 2009 Reply

Oh, thanks for the link to Sara’s blog! She was my roommate this year 🙂

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