One more Dremel post…

I was so happy when I finished my last Dremel post. I thought that I could finally write about some new things. But after reading everyone’s responses to my posts, I realized that a lot of you have older Dremels without owner’s manuals – definitely a barrier to using one.

I did a quick search and found Dremel’s Manuals & Literature page. Manuals are available for download in pdf format. You also download Dremel’s accessory catalog – all the stuff you know you want but feel guilty about buying because you really want to buy paper too, oh and some of that pretty bookcloth and probably some more linen thread.

Wait…where was I?

If you don’t want to bother with a download, then you can request a printed document using Dremel’s online literature request form. So now there’s no excuse for not taking your Dremel to anything in your path.

The world must be Dremeled!

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By bgoosebooks - 15 August 2009 Reply

Thank you, all very helpful as usual.

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