Super happy trip to Langdell Paper

I’m bad.

I know I have a schedule of committed blog posts, but I thought I would squeak another one in here.

Last Wednesday afternoon was just one of those times when you feel all warm and fuzzy about where you live and what you do. I’m not sure if it’s a Vermont thing or an artist thing. I went to Richard Langdell‘s paper studio to buy some paper for a custom order – it’s been over a year since my last visit.

I always there go with a budget in mind and I always ignore it.

I think the piles of paper have hypnotic powers.

Among the papers I bought is a sheet made with hay from Richard’s neighbors property. For some reason, the idea of hay paper doesn’t appeal to me, but it really looks lovely with one of the Japanese bookcloths I bought during my trip to Kozo Arts earlier this summer.

Langdell paper with Japanese bookcloth

My paper fix was accompanied by Richard’s daughter and his wife Sarah. Sarah is such a sweetie and a fabulous artist in her own right – she’s the mastermind behind Mountain Ash Design.

After I made my paper selections, Richard said something highly unexpected, something that was irresistible. It went something along the lines of – “Do you want to see my chickens? They’re going to die in two days.”

Duh. Bring on the death chickens.

Off we went to the coop. So very puffy. I wanted to hug one, but I was afraid to ask.


Richard gave me a very detailed description of how these chickens come to their end. Apparently there’s a dude who rides around in a truck killing animals for folks throughout Vermont. I’m curious how this guy came upon this profession. Anyway, the process involves some kind of cone thingie. I should have taken notes because I can’t remember exactly what the cone is for…maybe I blocked it out for a reason. Anyway, I feel a bit sad now, realizing that they are now all in chicken heaven (or more likely a freezer).

I also got a tour of their fabulous gardens. 


These gardens are the type that make you think that the small blob of chives you have behind your house just ain’t so great. Like when I watch the Olympics and instead of getting inspired, I think “Geez, I’m so damn lazy.”

Langdell - Green insane gardens

To top it off, it was an eating tour. “Here, eat this snap pea.” “Here’s a berry.” “Taste the cilantro!” And if feeding me wasn’t enough, Sarah picked a gazillion baby beets for me, greens included. I love beets. I would show you what they looked like, but I ate them already. Sorry.

Overall, I would say it was a rocking visit. Unfortunately, it made me realize that I need to step up my game when folks visit my studio.

I don’t think a baggie of chives is going to cut it.

4 Responses to “Super happy trip to Langdell Paper”

By BookGirl - 29 July 2009 Reply

A rocking visit indeed! As to stepping up your game when you have visitors, it’s a tough act to follow.

By elissa - 29 July 2009 Reply

Yeah, it ain’t gonna happen. I’m chicken-less. What can I do?

By dinahmow - 31 July 2009 Reply

Get chickens?

By elissa - 1 August 2009 Reply

Get milk? Yes.
Get chickens? No.

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