The envelope please…

Results of Polldaddy pollWell I feel silly because I can’t figure out how to close the PollDaddy poll within WordPress. Poop.

I officially declare that the poll is closed. I mean it. Don’t even try to vote now, even though I can’t stop you.

You have spoken and I will obey. Here’s the order of my posts starting next week:

  1. Dremel bits and what they do
  2. Paper and Book Intensive 2010
  3. Trip to the American Bookbinding Museum
  4. Book artists on Twitter – part 2
  5. New books on my bookshelf
  6. Peggy Skycraft and why she rocks
  7. Trip to the Taurus Bookbindery

I had to make a judgment call when there was a tie between two topics, so I put them in alphabetical order.

If anyone objects, I’d be happy to figure out some kind of blog post deathmatch.

2 Responses to “The envelope please…”

By Carol - 26 July 2009 Reply

Okay, I think it all looks great and I guess it won’t hurt me to find out something about Twitter. Bring on the Dremel session. And don’t feel you have to stick to this list – if you have something to say then toss it in, everything you say is interesting.

By elissa - 27 July 2009 Reply

Carol –

I’m working on the Dremel post now.

Your feedback has been so encouraging – thanks!


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