For blog's sake, what do I do next?

I have a backlog of blog posts that has accumulated over the past 2 months.

Sometimes I get an idea for a post and start a draft, then something distracts me and I move on to a new topic. I need help figuring out where to start and I’m interested in hearing about what grabs your attention.

Here are the blog posts I have in my queue (these are working titles):

  1. Book artists on Twitter – part 2
  2. Dremel bits and what they do
  3. New books on my bookshelf
  4. Paper and Book Intensive 2010
  5. Peggy Skycraft and why she rocks
  6. Trip to the American Bookbinding Museum
  7. Trip to the Taurus Bookbindery

I plan to publish my posts based on the feedback I receive – most popular topic comes first.

Voting will be open until Friday, at which I point I will announce the post schedule.

If you have suggestions for any other blog topics, please let me know – I’m open to any comments you may have.

Note: The poll is now closed.

8 Responses to “For blog's sake, what do I do next?”

By Kjersten - 20 July 2009 Reply

Cool idea! I always have too many posts in the queue too. This survey is a fun way to resolve the question of what comes first and also a fun way to see what interests people.

By dinahmow - 20 July 2009 Reply

Well, Twitter leaves me cold (I already have too many things to read!) but I’d be interested in your Dremel post.
Somewhere, I have a similar tool which I’ve thought about dusting off to use on lino and mdf …

By buechertiger - 21 July 2009 Reply

It all sounds interesting! I think I’d like to see the Dremel post first and have a glimpse at your bookshelf.

Nice idea to let your readers vote on the posts 😉

By Liz Conley - 21 July 2009 Reply

They all look like interesting topics to me, can’t wait to read them.

By Carol - 23 July 2009 Reply

Like dinahmow, I’m very keen to learn more about the Dremel so I voted for that but apart from Twitter (agree with dinah there too) I’d like to read about all your other subjects mentioned, esp. Peggy Skycraft cos I know she rocks. One of my favourite things about your blog is the variety and the really useful and interesting subject matter.

By elissa - 23 July 2009 Reply

So as of right now, we have a three way tie. I’m happy that so many people have voted!

Carol – wait until you hear my Peggy Skycraft story – she really super duper rocks.

Diane & Carol – I am stupidly entranced by social media, so a 2nd Twitter post was inevitable.

Kjersten & Hilke – I’d like to think that the poll was a completely selfless gesture to encourage feedback from readers. The truth is I’m also having trouble making a decision and I need people to tell me what to do. 🙂

By Rebecca - 23 July 2009 Reply

Hi Elissa, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog no matter what the topic is. I thought it was really cool that you found that painting that closely resembles your logo!! One of these days I’m going to make it to a show that you’ll be at so I can purchase some of your products! Thanks, Rebecca

By elissa - 24 July 2009 Reply

Rebecca –

I would be happy to schedule a studio visit, if you’re interested. Any chance I get to blabber on about books and paper is welcomed. 🙂


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