Stowe Street Arts Festival

Today I am breathing a big sigh of relief.

For the past several months, I’ve been working as a consultant for the Stowe Street Arts Festival in Waterbury, Vermont. This was the first time that I’d worked on an art show where I didn’t exhibit. For weeks, I’ve worried about the fact that our weather has been rainy for most of the summer.

Yesterday was the big day.

And it was fabulous!

Lots of people showed up for a day of full of art. There were no major catastrophes and no rain all day long – thank you masters of weather, wherever you are. You made the artists very very happy. And me. I was happy too.

There were lots of reasons to be happy about yesterday. One of them is that I bought a painting for my studio. I should let it be known that I am really picky about what I hang on my walls. That would explain why most of the walls in my home are bare. My poor husband. I fell in love with this painting by Tally Groves the moment I saw it. It is now mine.

Oil painting by Tally Groves

The most interesting part of the story is that it turns out that Tally and I both went to the same graduate school – Lesley University. More specifically, we both attended the same program and have Master’s degrees in Expressive Therapies from Lesley. A bit of serendipity there.

Of course, I can’t ignore the similarity between the painting and my business logo.

Blue Roof Designs logo

What can I say – there’s comfort in the familiar.

4 Responses to “Stowe Street Arts Festival”

By Anna-Marie - 19 July 2009 Reply

Love to see things like that happen. You couldn’t make that up. Glad the festival was successful. It’s fun to plan but I perhaps more fun to see it in your rear view mirror. lol

By elissa - 20 July 2009 Reply

Anna-Marie –

I’m working on that rear view mirror part. I tend to have a few days of bummies after finishing a big project. It’s a loss for me, whether good or bad.


By Stacie - 20 July 2009 Reply

Congrats on your new acquisition! It is perfect for you. It was indeed a great day and a lot of fun! Thanks for the cookies!
Tell me again the name of the pop-up book artist? I forgot to write it down. Good work!

By elissa - 20 July 2009 Reply

Stacie –

I’m guessing that I was talking about Carol Barton…that day was such a blur that I can’t be sure. Let me know if that doesn’t seem right.


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