I made it to puzzlePALOOZA!

I did it. I achieved puzzle piece.

Artists' book by Elissa Campbell

As I mentioned in this post, I officially named my piece Cheezle.

Well, I changed my mind. It’s now named Chaiku – the book component of the puzzle piece contains 12 haiku that I wrote about cheese.

Handmade book suspended in wood puzzle piece

Due to lack of time, I wrote the haiku in by hand. Unfortunately, I realized that I have to redo the book because one of my haiku is structurally unsound. Since a rebinding is imminent, I’m also considering typing up the haiku for the new version.

Anyone have an opinion on this? Do you think that handwritten pages are more appropriate?

Handwritten book pages

Chaiku pages, pre-binding

Here are the contents of the book:

So many species. Goat, sheep, cow, and buffalo. Your milk is cheese gold.

Twig Farm, Thistle Hill, Fat Toad, Cobb Hill, Dancing Cow. Vermont makes great cheese.

Dripping off my toast. Brie, why are you so gooey? Soft cheese misbehaves.

I sure do love cheese. What’s with the farting? Oy. Lactose intolerant.

Cabot Cheese, World’s Best. Hunter’s Seriously Sharp. Eat until I barf.

Philadelphia. Freshman year I met my match. How I love cheese fries.

Mozzerella, ick! Some cheese I just can’t stomach. Un-American.

Oh,what is that smell? Stilton, Roquefort, Camembert. Music to my nose.

Hmmm…Mayor McCheese. When’s his term done? No…I mean… Expiration date?

Greek legal asset, Feta cheese sure is salty. Why don’t you export?

Mild bits are cheese curds, Not to be confused with turds, That would be absurd.

Cheez Whiz, Kraft Foods spread. Velvety smooth, pour it on. What’s cheese food? Unreal.

On Saturday, my hubby and I (along with Chaiku) attended puzzlePALOOZA, an event held by the Vermont Arts Council as part of Art Fits Vermont.

The Vermont Arts Council distributed 9,500 wood and 51,000 paper puzzle pieces to Vermonters – the number of participants translates to 10% of Vermont’s population participating in the project.


At 2:00 p.m., I was part of the Guinness World Record that was set for the World’s Largest Jigsaw puzzle with over 1,600 pieces measuring 2,603 square feet. It was fun being involved in such a grand project.


Here are some of my favorite puzzle pieces:

Artist-made puzzle piece

Artist-made puzzle piece

Artist-made puzzle piece

Artist-made puzzle piece

Artist-made puzzle piece

I wish I had been better about noting who made these. 🙁

And last, but not least, the most fabulous of foam hats:

Two girls, one wearing a puzzle hat

Hey puzzle hat girl! You rock!

7 Responses to “I made it to puzzlePALOOZA!”

By buechertiger - 13 July 2009 Reply

Love your cheese-idea (and cheese).
And indeed the puzzle hat girl rocks 🙂

By Carol - 13 July 2009 Reply

I really enjoyed your haiku and the vision of all those puzzle pieces is just amazing. Well done on getting it in on time. Maybe you could use a wonderful font to print your haiku when you redo the book, which by the way is really nice.

By BookGirl - 13 July 2009 Reply

Love Chaiku. Thank you for keeping us posted along the way. And what a clever idea puzzlePALOOZA is!


By dinahmow - 14 July 2009 Reply

Brilliant idea and brilliant execution. The creme de brilliance? Chaiku!

By Amanda - 12 February 2010 Reply

Hehehe! Love those rhymes!

By Elissa - 2 March 2010 Reply

Amanda –

It was so odd how quickly I was able to create the poems – I am not a natural creative writer. I think that I just had the right subject matter to inspire me.


So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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