Puzzle piece update #2

Yesterday I continued working on my wood puzzle piece provided to me by the Vermont Arts Council as part of their Art Fits Vermont project.

Wood puzzle piece carved like cheese

I started with a primer. I should have used white primer instead of clear because it would have cut down on painting time later on. That’s what a logical person would do. I used what I had.

Lesson learned.

Next, I spent most of my time pondering the following questions:

What is the essence of cheese? Can one even really capture its glory? Cheese just is.

Mixing yellow paint

So went my inner dialogue as I mixed a paint color. Here’s the final color:

Yellow paint in a cup


As I mentioned earlier, white primer would have helped with paint coverage. Here’s my very streaky, non-happy, inconsistently-covered cheese slice:

Puzzle piece cheese - one coat of paint

Needless to say, this cheese needs more coats of paint. Hopefully, it will look cheesier tomorrow.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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