It seems the Burlington Free Press interns like me

As a Vermont resident, I try to follow as many local folks as possible on Twitter.

While I was poking around yesterday, I found Camp BFP, the account of interns working at the Burlington Free Press. I started reading their tweets and came across the following:

#btv 10 Stunning Artworks To Buy At Frog Hollow

Frog Hollow is a lovely gallery on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont that exclusively features work by Vermont artisans. Becoming a juried member of Frog Hollow is considered a great accomplishment as a Vermont artist. I am proud to say that I am a juried member of Frog Hollow, although I don’t currently have any work in the Burlington gallery.

So back to the point of my post. I was interested in seeing what the interns considered “stunning”.

I clicked on the link in the tweet.

I was shocked to discover that one of my pieces was listed at #3.

We’re talking jaw on the floor shocked.

Here’s what they said about my Cherry Blossom Hottie Chopstick Journal:

Not only is this book beautiful and traditionally bound, but it will make it seem like your thoughts actually matter.

What a nice thing to say! By the way, your thoughts always matter. 🙂

Handmade journal by Blue Roof Designs

2 Responses to “It seems the Burlington Free Press interns like me”

By Carol - 10 July 2009 Reply

Of course it’s stunning!

By elissa - 13 July 2009 Reply

Carol –

You sure do make me feel good about myself. 🙂


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