My race to puzzlePALOOZA

Art Fits Vermont logoI am a last minute girl.

I hate it.

The Vermont Arts Council distributed 9,500 wood puzzle pieces to individuals and groups across the state as part of their Art Fits Vermont project. I received one of them several months ago.

My puzzle piece has stared at me in my studio while I worked on various projects, suffering from the knowledge that it was not my first priority.

Until this week.

This coming Saturday, July 11th, the Vermont Arts Council is having a big, fat party at Battery Park on the Burlington waterfront – puzzlePALOOZA.

There are a couple of things about the event that hold particular interest for me:

  • The Arts Council is hoping to set the Guinness Record for the World’s Largest Puzzle.
  • There’s a parade with representatives from all 251 Vermont towns to carry puzzle pieces on the ½ mile route down Main Street.

I want to be in a parade. I want to be part of a Guinness Record.

I have needs.

So here I am, with 4 days to finish my puzzle piece. I can do this, right?

Here’s the piece as I received it:

Wood puzzle piece

Each morning, I’ll take a picture of my piece to show you my progress. I will tell you that I’m working on a cheese theme – the puzzle piece looked like Swiss and I like cheese, okay? I’m still trying to figure out if I can work in something book-ish.

My Dremel (Stan) and I have spent a chunk of time together today. I sure did miss him.

Stay tuned for my race to the finish.

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