Trip to Arch Art Supply

Arch Art Supply - exterior

The very first stop on my bookbinding-focused trip to San Francisco was Arch Art Supply. The San Francisco Center for the Book (another stop on my trip – details in a future post) recommended Arch as a good source for papers.

We arrived shortly after 9:00 a.m. and were the first ones in the store. The folks there were really nice – they knew how to be helpful without hovering around while you fondle papers…just my type of staff. There’s something cool about being the only person in an art supply store – it’s like it’s all yours…

Arch Art Supply - interior

One of each please.

Arch Art Supply - interior

I so wanted to stick that wood cabinet under my jacket…

Arch Art Supply - interior

It just went on for miles…

So I didn’t buy as much paper as I had anticipated, but I’m pretty happy with my haul. These tissues are really lightweight and the colors are so vibrant. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask what country they’re from…does anyone know? It’s important to me to know where my papers are made. I might just have to give those Arch folks a call and see if I can describe the papers…

Tissue papers

I also got these really nifty metallic papers – and I’m not really a metallic girl. I just loved the textures on them.

Metallic papers from Taiwan

I did ask about the origin of these papers – they are machine made in Taiwan, made of wood pulp and recycled paper. The papers above are called (from left to right):

The coolest part of the trip was discovering that they still had Gocco supplies in stock at reasonable prices. 5-packs of B6 screens and 10-packs of bulbs were under $16.00 a piece – much cheaper than the going rate at most retailers. They also had a variety of inks for under $4.00 a tube, along with some other supplies. I bought 4 tubes of pearly inks and 3 packs of ink block (sorry – I bought all they had out). They did not have a lot of supplies left so if you are in the SF and are looking for supplies, go soon! They may not last for long.

10 Responses to “Trip to Arch Art Supply”

By bookartgirl - 12 June 2009 Reply

I’m enjoying your “travelogue.” And congrats on scoring Gocco supplies!

Clara (a/k/a BookGirl)

By elissa - 12 June 2009 Reply

Glad the diary isn’t too dull…I have more posts coming. 🙂

By Monica/BoomBoxBindery - 12 June 2009 Reply

I am loving your San Francisco series. I will be there in October, and will definitely be studying your blog before I go! Arch looks fantastic.

By elissa - 12 June 2009 Reply

One of the coolest things about Arch is that you could just pull up your car to their big fat door and pour heavy goodies into it – no need to worry about transporting your haul. Buy as much as you want!

Of course, that’s both good and bad…

By gerri newfry - 12 June 2009 Reply

that wooden cabinet is fantastic! and a paper store that goes on for miles? much better than the paper source!

By elissa - 12 June 2009 Reply

I have a thing for wooden library card catalogs.

I want one. Or two.

I’m not sure what I’d put in those tiny drawers, but I’m sure I’d come up with something…

By Stitchworks-jackie - 12 June 2009 Reply

Looks like a fabulous shop – I’m so envious.

By elissa - 16 June 2009 Reply

Jackie –

I wish they’d open a store here in Vermont! We’re sadly lacking in super-duper art stores.


By inkcaravan - 5 August 2009 Reply

Oh, that looks like fun!! Oooh, I’d want to steal that cabinet too!

By elissa - 7 August 2009 Reply

Alisa –

It seems that people always get things, like the cabinet, from people they know…I’m waiting for someone I know to tell me that they have a card catalog in their basement that they want to get rid of…

Well, at least there’s always Ebay.


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