My book arts day in San Francisco

San Francisco Skyline

Photo taken and generously shared by Franco Folini

My vacation may be winding down, but I’m certainly wound up for today – I’m spending the entire day (that would be today) in San Francisco engaged in the pursuit of book arts. I am so so so happy!

Here’s my itinerary:

  • Arch Supplies: I understand they have a nice selection of paper and possibly still have some Gocco supplies left.
  • American Bookbinders Museum: This wonderful resource has an amazing collection of bookbinding equipment, documents, and periodicals – check out their collection on their website.
  • Kinokuniya: A bookstore that specializes in Japanese texts. I’m looking for some bookbinding books that are written in Japanese. If the bindings photos are appealing, then I’m grabbing them. A member of the Book Arts Guild of Vermont knows Japanese and has volunteered to translate them for me.
  • Kozo Arts: Oh boy, just lemme get my hands on some Japanese paper please.
  • Chinatown: Okay, this one may not be obvious – I have a line of chopstick journals. I need chopsticks to make them. So there you have it. Well, that and I want to see them make fortune cookies at the

I plan on taking lots lots lots of pictures and will write some posts about my trip when I get back later in June.

Many thanks to Franco Folini for granting permission for use of his photo of San Francisco. You can see more of his work on Flickr.

6 Responses to “My book arts day in San Francisco”

By bookartgirl - 5 June 2009 Reply

Sounds fabulous. Hope you enjoyed it.

Clara (a/k/a BookGirl)

By Shannon - 6 June 2009 Reply

Though this will likely be too late to help you, Flax is another store in SF that has a large paper room with a good selection of decorative and fine art papers – though I hate that they write the SKU for the fine art papers in pencil on the paper. Their selection of Japanese papers is small but, like Kozo, they occasionally have designs that you can’t easily find elsewhere.

By elissa - 10 June 2009 Reply

Now I’ll always have the what-could-have-beens over missing Flax! Just kidding. 🙂 That day was super-full and there’s no way I could have fit in anything else.

I’ll be writing a series of posts about the different stops – I took lots of pics!

[…] My book arts day in San Francisco […]

[…] My book arts day in San Francisco […]

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