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Focus on Book Arts conference logoI mentioned in this post that I’m going to the Focus on Book Arts conference at the end of June. I wanted to put in a plug for the conference – it’s really fabulous.

I attended in 2007 and had such a great time. I learned so much and the workshops I took had a direct impact on my current work. Hopefully, the fact that I live in Vermont and I’m traveling to Oregon to attend the conference a second time should show how sincere I am.

While several of the workshops are already full, there are still quite a few with openings. You can view their workshop selections on their website.

If I could magically clone myself, I would attend Jim Croft‘s Bone Tool & Object Making workshop. Just read this workshop description:

Ever want to make a bone folder that really fits your hand and needs? In this class, students will shape roughed out elk and deer bone into tools or whatever they want. The materials fee covers the cost of bones for this class but additional bones will be available for sale for people who want more. Most students will be able to finish a couple tools.

I want to play with bones. Meh.

Another really cool workshop is Joycelyn Merchant‘s Metal Bookclasp Design & Construction. Here’s the workshop description:

Using simple metal working techniques and readily available tools and materials, we will learn to fabricate metal book closures. In this two-day workshop students will make at least two styles of metal book clasps, one simple and another more complex hinged clasp from brass or copper. We will learn some easy metal embellishment techniques, and some traditional methods for riveting. There will be no soldering. Use of patinas for coloring metal will be demonstrated. Some construction and attachment methods for other types of book decorations will be discussed or demonstrated. If time permits, participants may also make and attach a decorative element to their books. The basic information and techniques learned in this workshop will provide some very practical and useful skills for making fasteners and decorations suitable for use on books or boxes.

Drool…… Joycelyn also has a really awesome blog if you’d like to learn more about her work.

For more information on registering for the conference, please visit the conference website. If you have any questions, you can contact the conference organizers via Email: nice conference people.

So what do you think? I'd love to know!

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