2009 Focus on Book Arts conference

Focus on Book Arts conference logoI am so very happy!

I just received notification that I was awarded a scholarship to attend this year’s Focus on Book Arts conference at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. In return for the scholarship, I will be donating work to their scholarship auction and be presenting on an as-yet-undecided topic at their Hospitality Night.

The conference, which is in its ninth year, is held on a biennial basis. I attended the conference in 2007 and had so much fun. The workshops I attended had a direct impact on my work – one in particular led to the development of a line of journals which have sold well for me (many thanks to Dolores Guffey).

Before I found out about the scholarship, I registered for Jill Timm‘s 2-day workshop The Amazing Dremel – I wanted to make sure there was still space in the workshop. They quickly filled one Dremel workshop and then added a repeat class so that others could sign up.

I have wanted to start playing with a Dremel forever – I desperately want to work on more one-of-a-kind pieces and I think that this workshop will really help me to expand my creative vocabulary. Now I get to go shopping for a Dremel of my very own…droooollll…..

Now that I know that I can definitely afford to go to the conference, I’ll be signing up for 2 more workshops, each 1-day long:

  • The Doweled Flap Book & the Dowel Spine Portfolio with Peter Thomas. Peter and his wife, Donna, are known for their miniature books.
  • Suminagashi on Paper & Silk with Diane Maurer. Diane is an all-around Paper Queen, specializing in paper surface design.

I will fulfill my true geek nature and bring my copies of Peter’s More Making Books by Hand and Diane’s The Art of Making Paste Papers for them to sign. I love getting my books signed!

I’m hoping that the dorm at Pacific University has wireless internet…if so, I plan to blog about the conference after each day’s events – similar to last year’s blogfest involving my 5-day Julie Chen class at the Garage Annex School.

I’ll keep you posted.

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By BookGirl - 22 April 2009 Reply

Congratulations on the scholarship! I’ve been thinking of attending the conference, but am unlikely to make it this year. Enjoy!

P.S. Thanks for the heads-up about Lisa Hannigan’s new album (the video for another one of her new songs, “I Don’t Know,” features gorgeous paper-cuts art). I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow and will give you credit for the lead.


By elissa - 23 April 2009 Reply


I totally forgot to credit the source of my discovery of the video (lackriver on Twitter). I have just updated my post.

Immediately after reading your response yesterday, my husband and I quickly tracked down the “I Don’t Know” video. So fantastic! I have to get my hands on Lisa’s album – her voice is amazing. She’s a dead ringer for Maggie Gyllenhaal too!


By BookGirl - 24 April 2009 Reply

Yes, she’s quite wonderful. For me, this is one of the great benefits of reading blogs. You discover these treasures. And for some silly reason, I always think that if another “bookie” likes something, I’m more likely to like it too…

I’ve been meaning to put you on my blogroll, and this reminded me to do so, so now I have. Thanks for having me on yours.


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