Working working working…

Somehow a week has passed since my last post. Meh.

Holidays love to throw a monkey wrench into things. And usually I like monkeys.

I’ve been busy working on my sister-in-law’s wedding invitations. As I’m sure many of you can relate, they are taking much longer to complete than I had anticipated.

To date, 12 Duck Permanent Adhesive Rollers have lost their lives to the invitations. Many more will make the same sacrifice. Please take a moment to honor them.

Box full of roller adhesive

The Roller Adhesive Graveyard

I won’t be posting images of the completed invitations until they’ve gone out in the mail. I’m pretty sure that’s what the bride would want.

However, I do have something in store for tomorrow. I took one of Paper Source’s A-7 pocket folders and figured out how to make them from scratch, using the paper of your choice. I took pictures of the entire process and will post a step-by-step tutorial tomorrow.

In addition, I will provide a printer-friendly, pdf version of the tutorial for your own use.

Now I just have to go wash this glue residue off my hands.

4 Responses to “Working working working…”

By Katherine - 15 April 2009 Reply

Do you know the book “How To Fold”, Agile Rabbit Editions, The Pepin Press, 2002? It’s a 400 page book on how to create, by folding, hundreds of different types of folders, pamphlets, envelopes, brochures, and more. Very clear illustrations about how to fold. A very similar pocket folder to the one that Paper Source has is shown on p. 266-267. The reason I thought of this book immediately is because I had the book out (and that very folder design actually) to use for my niece’s high school graduation present, which involves some paper documents for which I want to make a pretty holder.

I saw this book at Kate’s Papiere in NYC (before it downsized) about four years ago, didn’t buy it right away, but bought it a couple years ago. Amazon has copies in stock, and even though their reviews are mixed, I love the book. I’m not a graphic designer though, just a paper addict.

By elissa - 15 April 2009 Reply

I’ve got lots of the Pepin Press books on my wishlist at (like someone would give one of those up!):

Folding Ideas for Cards & Envelopes
How to Fold
Structural Package Designs
Special Packaging Designs
Take One

How the heck are we supposed to pick between them? They’re all so cool!!

[waiting for book fairy to finally get to my house]

By Stacie - 17 April 2009 Reply

I have a huge pile of spent tubes of glue sitting around. I know there is a little bit left in each, but it is painful and messy to get it out. Every so often I give up and throw them out. R.I.P.

By elissa - 21 April 2009 Reply

I just bought another five 4-packs…more rollers ready to take one for the team. I told my husband that when the invitations were done, I was going to create a real graveyard for the applicators, with each one getting its own tombstone.

He just gave me a blank stare.

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