Book Arts Guild of Vermont meeting: Lake Champlain Celebration and “Show & Tell”

This past Wednesday I attended the monthly meeting of the Book Arts Guild of Vermont.

The meeting had two components:

  1. Discussion of the B.A.G. Quadricentennial Book Project
  2. “Show & Tell” of resources, tools, etc. that you have found useful or interesting in your bookbinding work

The Vermont Lake Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration will last throughout 2009 to mark the 400th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain’s discovery of the now-named Lake Champlain. Events will be held all over the state – you can view a schedule of the events on the Quadricentennial website.

The Book Arts Guild of Vermont will be working on a collaborative book project that, once completed, will be on display at the Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center through the summer. Based on the themes of The Lake, The Land, The People, participating B.A.G. members will create three 5″ x 5″ panels with one representing each of the themes. Depending on the number of participants, the panels will be assembled in either one large flag book or three separate flag books, one for each theme. Our panels are due on April 1st (no kidding!), so I need to start brainstorming.

I was quickly struck with an image for the lake theme – I envisioned a fish, one native to Lake Champlain, face-forward and staring right at you from inside the lake. I believe he’s thinking, “Hey you, come and get me!” I’m not really sure why that particular image came to me, but clearly it must be done. The fish told me to.

The show & tell portion of the meeting was fun. One of the members, who had studied bookbinding in England, brought a cool-looking drill.

Mini bookbinding drill

It’s the cutest thing ever. You push down on the top repeatedly and the screw tip drills down. I’m guessing that this drill resembles the insides of a Japanese screw punch, but this one is cooler because you get to see the mechanics at work. For some reason, I think it looks like a syringe for giving shots to naughty children. Unfortunately, this drill was purchased in England from an unknown source.

I did a quick Google search and couldn’t find one like it. Meh. I’m such a sucker for cool-looking tools. If anyone knows where to get this drill, please let me know.

I promise I won’t immunize anyone with it.

6 Responses to “Book Arts Guild of Vermont meeting: Lake Champlain Celebration and “Show & Tell””

By Carol - 17 January 2009 Reply

I’m looking for a simple little drill like that – I hope someone can tell you more about it.

By Jeff Peachey - 18 January 2009 Reply sells this drill, called “Small spring-loaded spiral hand drill” Part # 117-012. $11.50. I’ve usually seen drills of this type referred to as an “Archimedes drill”.

By elissa - 20 January 2009 Reply

Thanks so much Jeff! This is one of the many reasons why I love having a blog.

You have to create an account with Rio Grande to view their catalog (FYI – They are a highly-respected company). Here’s where you can see the drill: The price per drill goes down if you order more than one…now I just need to find out if other guild members will want one…

[…] collaborative Vermont Lake Champlain Quadricentennial Book Project (you can read more about that here). I finished my last piece within hours of the meeting. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. […]

By lestaret - 22 June 2009 Reply

This is called an Archimedes drill and you can get them from many hobby shops. I bought mine from

By elissa - 22 June 2009 Reply

Christopher –

Thanks so much for the link and the drill name…that’s a big name for such a small drill. 🙂


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